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Lucy's P.O.V.

That kid, Preston. He kept trying to have conversations with me, I feel like I want to get to know him better, but I'm scared of the people he hangs with, they're my bullies. That is the only thing holding me back from talking to him.
"Hey Luc," Emily came up to me.
"Hey" I said pulling my over my hands.
"So I saw Preston looking at you at lunch yesterday. What's that about?" She smiled
I sighed, "I haven't said a word to him since he moved here"
She groaned, "Come on Luc, you gotta get yourself out there, I'll even introduce you!" She squeezed my wrist. I clenched my hand into a fist and bit down hard on the inside of my cheek.
"Yea, no" I said pulling my wrist back, "I'll be back" I ran to the restroom and pulled my sleeve up, "damn it" they were bleeding. I wrapped them up after cleaning them and disposed of the bloody toilet paper. I went back to class and put on my music letting it calm me and take me to a better place.

~~~~~~~After Lunch~~~~~~~

I was standing around the table waiting for my teacher, Mr. Snyder to start teaching, it was wood-shop and I had Preston in that class too, I swear I can't escape this kid... I think he's in every class except for one or two. I just stared off into space not thinking about anything when I was pulled out of my thoughts.
"Hey" Preston came over to me and sat down on the table.
"Uh, hi?" I said not looking toward him
"That sounded like more of a question."
"Well, sorry...." I mumbled, I turned around and walked away. I hated everyone in this class. Luckily we were just sanding today, so we were allowed to listen to music, so I put it on loud and just started listening to a song called I love this song, but it always makes me think of everything that has been happening, but this song always helps me, without music I would die. It's my only escape from my bullshit called life I hate it, I am not loved, but the music I listen to helps me escape to a happier and less judgmental world. After the song was over another song which I forget the name of came on, the earphone was taken out of my ear.
"What do you want?" I asked looking up to see Preston.
"Sorry, you just started crying and I was just wondering if you were okay.." He said
"Ya. I'm fine, even if I wasn't you wouldn't care anyways." I answered bitterly, maybe he'll learn to take a hint. A second later the bell rang and I had just enough time to put my project away and get to my next class. I had math next with him but Emily and Marissa were both there so I didn't need to talk to him, thank god. I just quickly went to class and sat in my normal seat next to Emily and Marissa. We just joked around for a bit before class started.

Preston's P.O.V.

Why wouldn't she think I wouldn't care if she's not alright? I'm not like them. I would never be like them, if I was you could kill me. I sighed putting my project away and walking to class. My last class of the day was Math which was one of my best subjects. I walked into class to see her sitting at a already filled quad, with the only two people she would ever talk to, Emily, and Marissa. I saw they had a few classes together and always try and sit next to each other so they can talk, it's so weird to hear her talk as much as she does when she's with them, she almost seems to forget to be sad, or secluded and shut down from people. We were watching a boring movie and she ended up on the floor in front of the TV laying on her book-bag, even when she was doing nothing, she still looked perfect. Wait, what am I saying, she will never in a million years like a guy like me, so I just need to get over her. I may be a football player but I'm not that amazing. She probably thinks I'm cocky, and rude like everyone else on the football team. I mean why wouldn't she think of me like that? I don't know a person who doesn't, "hey Preston," I heard someone whisper, I turned to see Sarah Karry.
"What do you want?" I asked bitterly
"I just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out tonight, maybe go on a date?" She smirked.
"how about no, there's someone else already on my mind." I turned my attention back to the movie smiling knowing no one has ever turned her down.

~~~~~~~End of Class~~~~~~~

At the end of class me and Lucy got called up by the teacher, the bell had just rang and I sighed walking up to the teacher.
"Okay, I called you two up here because well, Lucy you are failing this class and if you don't want to repeat the grade you need to get your grade up." Mrs. Williams our math teacher said,
"Okay, so where do I come in?" I asked her.
"Well I need you to help her with some of the methods, you're one of my best students and I think you could really help her" She said looking at me
"You have got to be kidding me." Lucy said surprisingly disagreeing with our teacher.
"Lucy, he's one of my best students, he can help you." she said trying to reason with her
"I don't need his help, I'm fine." There it is again that word of fine, she always uses it, like its going out of style.
So before she could say anything else, "I would be happy to do it, lets go Lucy, we can go to your house."
Her eyes widened in fear when I said that but quickly hid it.
"Thanks Preston, bye guys have a nice day!" I grabbed her hand and dragged her out of that room. She yanked away from my grip
"I'm not going anywhere with you." She snarled
"I"m not going to hurt you. I want to help you" I said startled, "Come on let's go" I said reaching for her wrist
"What the fuck, you think I'm going to trust you that easy?" She pulled her wrist away before I grabbed it
"I swear on my life, on my sisters, and on my mothers. I will not hurt you" I said to her truthfully
She narrowed her eyes, "if you touch me you're going to be sorry"
I put my hands up in surrender and she followed me to my car so that I could tutor her

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