➳Chapter 8➳

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I skipped a school day. I hope that's okay. So it's Friday right now. Sorry there are so many skips in this chapter. IMPORTANT THINGS IN THE NOTES AT THE BOTTOM. PLEASE READ!

Dresses for later on^^^


We we both made our way to the car, putting our bags in the trunk. We we got into the car and I groaned. "I'm tierd." Dylan said.

"You've said that so many times!" I glanced at him. "Do you want me to drive?"

"No I'm fine." He lazily smiled. He stared to engine, roaring it to life. We then drove off to my house, Dylan claiming that my bed was comfier then his and then me kicking him out.

Bella's POV

I sighed, turning my alarm off. Last day of the fucking week! Yes finally!

I quickly did my morning routine, making sure I covered the hickey (it now looked faded) up and walked down stairs to see Dylan, Luke and mom around the island. "Morning." I gretted them grabbing my coffee. I still need to talk about that hickey to Dylan. He seems to be dodging the topic well.

"Oh, that's not yours." Dylan grabbed the cup from me, "This one is." He handed me another. I raised an eyebrow at him but, I sipped at the drink, "What is this?" I asked.

"Chocolate creme Frappuccino." He answered. I muttered a thanks to him just when my mom said "morning" to me. I've realised for the past week or so I haven't had an actual breakfast. You know... Cause I'm damn lazy.

My brother was unuasually quiet today. "Why so quiet Bubba?" I ruffled his hair. Dylan laughed at the little nickname I had given  Luke.

"Just thinking." He said.

"Seriously?! You never think." I said with a little smile playing at my lips. Dylan started laughing.

"Hey!" My brother yelled. My mom put her hands on her ears. She muttered something quietly.

"Must be a girl." I hummed.

"Mom." Luke whined.

"Bella stop teasing your brother. It's time for school too." My mom said. Me and Dylan laughed at my brother. I disposed my cup in the trash.

"Let's take my car." I yelled.

"S'okay. I got my car." Dylan dangled his car keys from his hands.

"Fine." I rolled my eyes.

"Doesn't mean I'm giving you a ride." He scoffed.

I groaned, "Stop being confusing." A small smirk played on my lips, "Unless..."

"Game on babe." He said.

"I'm not driving with any of you guys." He walked out, "Not dying today." He yelled. I grabbed my keys off the counter and walked up to Dylan, "Let's go yeh?

We both walked towards our cars. Obviously taking our Audi's. We both climbed in. Our windows were rolled down so we could see each other. My brother had already left.

"Let's start at the end of the driveway." He yelled to me.

"Okay." I yelled back. We both drove to end of the driveway and I looked at him. Dylan was already staring at me with a familiar smirk placed on his lips.

"Ready...." I yelled. We both turned our heads ahead, "Set..." I put one hand on the wheel and the other on the gear box, "Goooo." I yelled and we both sped off. I stepped on the pedal harder. My current speed was 60. Faster. My mind told me. I looked to my side to see no Dylan. I looked in front. No Dylan. I looked behind me. Oh, there he is. I smirked, turning up my music with my free hand.

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