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Lucy's P.O.V.

I got up and got dressed (outfit at the top) and finished getting ready. Another day of pure torture, can't wait! I went down quietly so I didn't wake my mom and get screamed at and hit. I got out of the house really quick and started walking I took my phone out and put on my Ed Sheeran playlist. I zone out as I walk, walking to the beat of each song. I walk up to the school past this group of girls that will just scream at me to go kill myself. And they say all of the horrible things to me, sometimes they even hit, slap, and punch me. I sometimes come to school with bruises and marks from them and my mom, I've been thinking about just ending it all, but if I try someone will probably do something stupid, like try and save me. I got into school without too much trouble and went to my locker. As soon as I thought I was in the clear I was slammed against my locker, I groaned in pain as I fell to the ground. Football players. I started to get up but one of them pushed me down again.
"What you gonna defend yourself?" One guy asked
"There's nothing you can do bitch, how do u even have friends!" Yelled another.
I just let them yell the things, I had no choice, I knew no one would help so I just let them finish. I put my head between my legs and my hands over my ears, where are all the teachers when I need them. After they left I broke down. I couldn't handle it anymore, I want to die, no one would care they wouldn't even notice, probably, I wiped my eyes and stood up speed walking to the restroom. I went into the stall and took out the blade I had in my pocket, I rolled up my sleeve and put the cold medal on my skin and slid it across, a cut on my arm. I bit my lip. I felt numb, it took the pain away. A tear fell down my cheek.
I grabbed some toilet paper and blotted the cuts, I quickly wrapped my arm and pulled me sleeve over my hand. I went to the sink and washed my blade off and put it back in my pocket why would anyone look for it? I decided to go to my first class which is Reading and a bunch of the people who harass me are in that class. I gave in and just went no point in trying to run. When I got there and walked in everyone looked me like I was some new kid they have never seen before. Some gave me dirty looks and a few just looked sorry for me.
"Where's your pass" The teacher had asked me.
"I don't have one" I mumbled
She sighed, "Lucy I hate doing this to you, you are such a good student then you always come late, here's your detention slip come after school."
"Fine" I said grabbing my slip and putting it in the pocket with my blade. I walked to the back of the room and sat down. I jotted down the notes that were on the board. It's the beginning of the day and I'm already off to a terrible start, but then again when has a day ever been good. High-school will and forever will be hell. I have two true friends their names are Emily and Marissa.They help with me getting bullied but have no idea about my mom. The bell rang and I ducked my head and walked to second period one that I had with Emily.
All of my other classes were normal usually getting stuff thrown at me, but I don't let people know it affects me. I just keep my head down then once everything's finished I will just look up with a fake smile, no one can tell its fake, but I am getting worse at hiding it. Soon people might actually find out how much pain I'm in. After 8th period was finished I went to my locker only to get harassed some more from the same people.
"Wow look its goody two shoes! Bet you're gonna go straight home to mommy!!"
Those words hurt but they just kicked my books around then left, Marissa came over to me and helped me pick my stuff up and saw that I was crying and had some bruises on my face, "Let's go get you cleaned up okay?"
She only knew about me getting bullied but she doesn't know how much it actually happens. We went to the bathroom and she cleaned off the cuts on my face and she had makeup to cover the bruises some.
"There now your mom will think everything is perfect."
"Ya she won't even notice" I mumbled I don't think she'll care because she'll be adding more tonight
I told Marissa that I needed to go and went to my detention.

~~~~~~~At home~~~~~~~

I walked in and heard my mom in the kitchen, I tried to walk past as quietly as I could but she still heard me, "Hey! where the fuck were you bitch?" She came over to me. I swallowed hard
"I-I-I was at school, I had to stay after" I said nervously
She ended up beating me, no surprise there. I ran up to my room my head was spinning and my whole body ached. I pulled my blade out of my pocket and spun it around in between my fingers. After about 10-15 cuts I went into my bathroom cleaned them off carefully and hid my razor. I knew my mom was down there so I decided skip eating and to just go to sleep, which won't come easy.

Preston's P.O.V.

Lucy Johnson, one of the most beautiful girls in school. She came in late 1st period and she seemed really upset I didn't know what to do but I just wished I could find out why she's sad. I think she gets bullied but I don't know why, she seems to have a hard life. Her dad left her and her mom because of her being born. I wonder how her mom is. My phone vibrating interrupted my thoughts. Nick from my football team texted me
Nick: hey dude
Preston: hey whats up
Nick: nothing hanging with my sister, but I wanna show you something tomorrow
Preston: What is it?
Nick: I'll show you tomorrow you before school, just meet us outside
Preston: okay see you tomorrow bye
After texting him I kept wondering what he had to show me that seemed so important! I went to sleep hoping he would tell me tomorrow. I ended up just sleeping on it and said goodnight to my mom and sister and went to sleep
I got up the next morning and got dressed and ready for school I went downstairs and saw my mom and my little sister Alley eating some pancakes
"Morning sweetie" My mom said and handed me some pancakes
"Morning mom, morning Alley"
"Morning big bro"
"Preston are you coming right home after school?" my mom asked
"Um, I'm pretty sure I am I'll text you before the day ends if that changes."
"Okay, oh well you better go, do you want a ride?"
"No I can walk it's not that far."
"Okay bye."
"bye mom, by Alley"
"Bye" They both said.
I walked to the mirror in the hallway and looked at what I was wearing, grabbed my book-bag and started walking to school, quicker than usual.

~~~~~~~Outside of school~~~~~~~

I pulled my earbud out and let it lay around my neck as I walked up to the front of the building.
"Hey Preston" Nick came up an greeted me along with Chase, Conner, Zach, and Luke
"Hey guys! Nick you said you had something to show me?"
"Ha, ya you know that girl Lucy Johnson?" Nick asked
"Ya... what about her?" I asked nervously
They all just shook their heads and told me to follow them. We got down to where our grades' lockers were. Lucy was at her locker getting somethings out of it,"Follow our lead." Nick said quietly, I had a bad feeling but went with them anyway,
"Oh hey! Look it's the little slut!" Nick yelled
"oh great...." she asked quietly in her locker, I'm guessing for them not to hear it. What are they going to do to her?
"What so you think we're deaf now? Turn around bitch." Chase demanded
She turned around slowly with fear in her eyes as she looked at them but her eyes and landed on me and they changed to a bit of hope. The guys pushed her down and started hitting, and kicking her. I froze, I am not for this. I will never be for this, it's wrong.
They all looked at me,"Come on she won't fight back!" they all said I couldn't do it I wouldn't.
"I can't I just remembered I have to go ask my teacher a question." I ran off and went to my first period teacher "Oh hello, do u need help with something Preston?"
I shook my head, "No, just thought I could come in early," I said and sat in a seat in the back were Lucy usually sits and just waited, I know Nick or Luke are gonna talk to me about Lucy at lunch. I just don't want to hurt her, she seems so fragile and I just want to protect her. Is is only because of what I saw happen in the hallway or is it more? The bell rang interrupting my thoughts and Lucy ran in head ducked. She hid behind her hair as if it was an invisible cloak. She sat in the seat right next to me, perfect. The guys weren't in this class so maybe I can get a note to Lucy and see if she's okay with what happened.

(The note passing)

Preston: hey, are you okay?

Lucy: Ya. Why wouldn't I be?

Preston: Because of the way those guys were beating you up earlier

Lucy: I'm fine, and why would you care, you seem pretty close to them

Preston: Because I don't want you to get seriously hurt from one of them

Lucy:Too late.

Preston: Let me talk to them I can help


She wrote the last part in all caps and threw the note on my desk. I guess she answered my question but why wouldn't she want help, so people would stop bullying her? I didn't talk to her about it anymore but I have to get them to stop somehow. I mean they talk about being the best but beating up an innocent girl? That is cruel. Who know's what's going on in her head. I sat in silence for the rest of the periods I had with her. After 5 period I walked down to the lunch room, Nick and everyone saw me and came and we sat down.
"So dude why didn't you help us this morning?" Chase asked
"With what?"
"That girl." Nick said plainly
"Because I don't beat people up for fun." I said through gritted teeth
"Dude, you haven't even tried it!" Conner said
"Yea well maybe I don't want to." I put my hand in a fist on the table getting angrier
"You have a reputation you know." Nick said
"What reputation?" I asked honestly confused
"The one we all hold, that we aren't the goody, goody boys who play sports."
"I don't care!" My angry boiling
"Well you should or it's gonna end bad. Just try it."
I sighed knowing they weren't going to let this one pass, "If anyone finds out then you are all dead."
They all cheered and I looked around and saw Lucy sitting alone. She looked up at me her bright blue eyes were scared. I can't believe I agreed to doing this to her. What have I gotten myself into?

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