Chapter 1.1

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Chapter 1.1

Leah Black

'White fur, and eyes that don't change colour, are signs of weakness. Not being able to run fast, is a sign of weakness. You're not a real wolf, Leah, you're a disgrace.'

The hateful words of Alpha Jacques kept repeating in my head, as if it was - just like a song - on repeat. Although I try to get these thoughts out of my mind, to ignore them, there seems to be nothing else I can think about.

It's my fault that Maya and I have to leave the pack.

It's my fault that Maya and I had to leave our home.

My fault.

Fortunately, Maya didn't seem as troubled with all of this - she was planning on leaving the Shadowpack soon enough anyway, to search for her mate.

Maya was however troubled with the fact that she hadn't found her mate yet. She turned twenty-four not too long ago, and most Wolves find their mates at the age of sixteen.

Her hope of finding a mate started to dissipate slowly, and the urge to start a family of her own was growing stronger.

Especially now that our parents were out of the picture.


"Hmh?" I mumble, still caught up in my thoughts.

"Leeh, what are you thinking of?"

"Of everything what's happening. What will happen."

Maya gives me an understanding nod, and wraps her arm around my shoulder, "- it will all be all right. Mom and Dad are still alive, I know that for sure."

"I hope so."

"And about that 'what will happen' part, only the more fun and positive things will happen. Uncle Rasmir and Aunt Georgina are two amazing people, with three great kids," Maya tells me, with a sparkle of excitement in her eyes.

"If you say so."

After my less positive words, there's a silence.

Maya keeps looking around in a rather tense manner, hoping to catch a glimp of uncle Rasmir's car, while I on the other hand was looking around with a rather defeated look in my eyes, while I was letting the past events sink in.

"Maya! Leah!"

"Uncle Rasmir!" Maya almost immediately yells. She walks quickly to the man -who was unknown to me, and who looked an awful lot like our Dad- and hugs him.

"It's good to see you again, Maya, though I wish it was in better circumstances," Rasmir mumbles the last bit.

Maya gives him a sad nod, but then proceeds to glare in my direction. "-Leah, damn it, come and say hello!"

Shocked by the sudden mood change of my sister, I reluctantly walk to the two of them and hold out my hand. "-eh, Hi, uncle Rasmir."

"How wonderful to meet you, Leah. I see it's no wonder your father could never seem to shut up about you," he says with a wink as he grabs my hand.

"I hope he only told you good things about me?" I ask him with a smile, and slowly release myself from Rasmir's firm grip.

"Of course."

"Good," I laugh and grab my suitcase, following my sisters example.

"I see you two are set to go. Should we leave then?"

Maya nods happily, and follows Rasmir.

He opens up the trunk of the car and grabs our suitcases one by one, so he can place them neatly in the trunk. When he's finished, he slams the trunk loudly so it closes up, and we get into the car.

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