Amzy's pov

We both stopped infront of a park ! I hopped out from the car ! Yeah it looks all dramatic ! I'm here to save him ? In this yellow ghagra ? Hair opened up ? No glasses ? Darn it !

I scrunitzed my eyes to see shehry from the park's gate ! Saira bhabhi was no where ? I walk in the park and saw a guy standing infront of a big tree ! I slowly walk toward's him ! I was taking small steps !

I reached to his level ! I let out a small voice "shehryaar ? " i said and he turn around ! His eyes were red ! He looks tired like he never slept ! "Tm kia kr rahe ho ? " i asked up and he looked down .

"Main bht bura hun naa ? " he asked and i furrowned ! "Such btaun tou? haan ! " i replied honestly and he looked up "so there's no point in living ? Right ? " he asked and my eyes widened .

"I'm sorry what i did ! But when you showed me your burn marks i can't handle ! I wanted to show zayan's mother that you're not alone ! Yeah i become selfish but believe me i hate it when someone say that he's not my son ! " he said ! Tears were rapidly rolling down from our eyes ! I bite my lower lip .

"Please don't do that ! I love you more when you do that ! " he said and i looked at him .

"Forgive me ! " he said but i turn around ! "I can't ! " i said ! "Akhri dafa mjhe dekho gi bhi nahi ? " ge asked and i turn around ! I saw him pointing a gun on his temple .

"What the hell are you doing ? " i yell and he smile shortly ! "I can't stop loving you ! I'm the problem ! I'm sorry ! " he said and he was about to press the trigger !

When i take the gun from his hand and throw the gun in the grass ! I smack his face not once ! I don't remember but atleast i slspped him 7 times ! "Are you out of your mind ? " i scream and he fell on his knees !

I bend to his level ! "I'm sorry !" I whispered and hugged the life out of him ! He hugged me back i want to rest in his arms . "don't you dare to do that again !" I said and he slowly hummed !

We both stood up and he looked at me ! "Well ab chalna chahiye bht andhera hogaya hai ? " i said . he looked straight in my eyes and whispered "i love you !" He said and smile shyly .

"I - " i was about to reply him when i saw adeel in the bushes pointing his gun on shehry ! He was about to pull the trigger when i pushed and shehry fall on the ground . and the bullet hit me ! I felt a sharp pain ! And then i can feel the warm blood flowing down ! I touched my wound .

"Amzzyyyy  ! " i heard a scream i guess its shehry ! My vision blurred and i lost my balance and fall on the soft grass ! I looked up at the dark sky! He held me in his arms and scream "waqaaaasss call the ambulance ! " shehry speak .

I looked at him ! I felt like my time came ! I have to leave ! "Ta- take a a goo- good care of zee ! And haa- ann i- l- lov- e yo- you ! " my words cracked ! His tears were falling on my face !

"Please don't say that ! " he whimpered and i smile weakly ! I blacked out !

Shehry's pov

She pushed me and then i heard a gun shot ! I looked at amzy ! The bullet hit on his abdomen ! My eyed widened ! She froze for a minute ! But then the blood flowed down ! She touched her wound and her eyes widened .

I ran rowards her and she was about to fall when i ran towards her and scream her name . she was about to fall when i caught her in my arms ! She looked at me and i scream "waqasss call the ambulance !" . saira bhabhi and waqas came from the back of bushes ! And then they realize what happened !

"Ta- take a a goo- good care of zee ! And haa- ann i- l- lov- e yo- you ! " her voice cracked and i hated to see her like this ! "Pleasee don't say that ! " i whimpered ! She smiled weakly and she lost her state ! Her head hung back !

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