"Uh," Clyde spoke. "What?"

"Fucking hell, Clyde! Can you and Amber just go outside and make sure she hasn't wandered in the streets or anything? I'm going to check the house."

I sternly walked off, frustrating writhing through my heated skin as I worrying ran upstairs and to her room, but she was nowhere to be found. I rushed to my room, then the bathroom, but she still wasn't seen. I searched and searched everywhere, even joining Clyde outside and looking through the dark, empty streets.

I was worried sick.

This couldn't be happening.

I dialled her number shakily, my palms sweating from my trembling nerves. As it rang, I could faintly hear her dumb ringtone from afar. I stood still, trying my best to get an idea of where it was coming from.

It was leading my through the hall way, through the dining room and out into the garden. The ringing then stopped, and I had my key from there. "Harley?"

I gazed onto the small lawn of fresh grass and dark, short, crowded bushes. I then saw a pair of small, black shoes edging outwards from the bush, where a soft groan was heard.

"Fucking hell." I rolled my eyes, racing over like a dart and falling to my knees beside her.

She was laying in a daze in between the leaves and grass, and I pushed the branches away to grant better access to her. "Harley, look at the state you're in."

Her gentle eyes were open and looking straight at me. "Father?"

My hands grabbed her, picking her up from the ground and cradling her like a child. "I'm not your father."

"You're..." Her dilated pupils gawked at my white shirt, and fisted it. "You're Jesus."


"Your... Your long hair," She gasped, feeling it gently. "Your perfect features. Oh gosh, you're Jesus."

I wasn't going to argue with her, she could be rather violent toward me. "Why were you laying in the bushes, child?"

I carried her inside, where she would hopefully see my face and notice that I was not in fact the son of God. But her face was nuzzled into my chest. "I... I was in bushes?"

"Yes, love."

"I thought I was laying in a gondola going through Venice." She admitted shyly.

I carefully carried her to her room, but Clyde and Amber stopped me as I was on the stairs. "Oh, you found her."

"Yes, and I'm taking her to bed. Thanks for your help-"

"Can we borrow your room for a bit?" He asked desperately.

"What the fuck? Dude, no." I scowled.

"We'll be quick. And... And I'll help you clean the house after." He persuaded awkwardly, and for a second I looked at Amber, who seemed extremely agitated.

"Dude- n-o-o-o. Use the sofa, but make sure you keep it clean." I glared viciously at them both. Seconds later they hurried away in giggles, and I had to focus on Harley.

I took her to her room and placed her gently onto the mattress. I didn't bother changing her into pyjamas as her clothes were pretty comfortable. And besides, stripping someone down to their underwear when they're unconscious or not in the right state of mind is extremely creepy and they are not in any form able to consent to let someone see them exposed.

"Jesus," She whispered tenderly, her hand reaching mine. "Can you tell me about heaven?"


"U-Uh," I worriedly whispered, gently laying down beside her. She crawled onto my lap like a puppy, her head laying against my shoulder. I knew hardly anything about Christianity. "It's cool there. Pretty chill."

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