*Harry's pov*

I hastily swung the second shot down my throat and lowly groaned at the poisonous taste. I rejected as Clyde handed me another, so he took it himself. "Are you drunk yet?"

My face was sour. "Not yet."

"It's been half an hour since Harley fucked off and you're still trying to stay sober for her," He mentioned slyly, his eyes rolling at the protection I had over her. "She's fine doing whatever she's doing. She's probably in her room, watching a movie."

We still stood in the kitchen like cowards. I was too focused on my pride than being the first one to confront her. I've never been in a 'relationship', if it was even that. I didn't know what to do with her when she was angry. I thought it would be best if I treated her like a small fire, I'd just leave her alone until she'd put herself out. But I was panicking over the mere thought of her being by herself, what if she thought I didn't care? I didn't want her to think like that.

I had to go talk to her.

"I'm gonna go talk to Harley, Wish me luck." I jokingly scowled.

I exited the kitchen swiftly, coming sharply into the living room where everyone else sat. They were all sprawled out across the sofas, all silent and limp like sedated monkeys. I furrowed my eyebrows in concern once I realised Harley wasn't here, and I nervously exhaled.

"Where's Harley?"

Niall had a box of candy resting between his legs as he held it close, stroking it slowly. He raised his head curiously, his tired eyes catching mine. "Just chilling out with me box."

My eyes lowered quickly to the coffee table where the large plate of garlic bread was almost eaten, except for one slice. And when I noticed the unfamiliar topping, I froze.

"Of, fuck." I panicked.

Liam was half asleep and running his hands through Zayn's hair in awe. "Harry, mate-"

I grasped his shoulders and shook him desperately, jolting him awake. "Who the fuck brought magic mushrooms, Liam?"

Louis, who had a pair of sunglasses over his eyes, tilted his head to Niall, and then everyone else did too. "Him."

"Niall," I spat harshly. "Did Harley have any?"

He silently groaned, a sleazy smile on his wondrous face as he softly nodded his head, and then began to laugh. My chest rise and fell in anger, the rage igniting inside of me as I stared wide eyed at them all. I specifically told them not to bring shit like this with them.

"Get out. Literally, all of you fuck off." I yanked Niall to his feet, whose hands caught onto my white shirt.

"The material of this, man," He whispered. "It's like a thousand angels kissing my fingertips."

"Get lost." I groaned, pushing him strongly to the front door.

The rest of them staggered across the floor, except for Louis who seemed extremely content with life as he lead them all outside. I sat at the sofa mid-crisis, my hands frustratingly tugging my hair as I was alone. I didn't know where the hell Harley was, and I didn't even know if she was sane.

Clyde and Amber soon inspected the situation, their curious eyes on me sceptically. "Uh, where is everyone?"

"They're high on shrooms," I tiredly groaned, not physically or mentally prepared for any more drama. "I kicked them out."

Clyde scarily rushed to the window, where he gawked at them leaving one by one. "They're not safe, man. They're gonna get themselves killed!"

"Not my problem," I stood to my feet, rubbing my hands together. "Right, Harley is missing. It is very much likely that she is incredibly high right now. And if she is, then I am almost fucking certain that she's not taking it well. We need to find her before she gets killed."

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