The Life Of A Blacksmith (The Middle Ages)

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          (Introduction) : There are three very good blacksmiths that work in the castle of Benwick. They work everyday making new swords, armor, shields, and other things for the king’s knights. There is one knight that goes out of his way to get the job done even if it means cutting into family time. Brent works as a blacksmith all the time. If you needed Brent you would have to go to the blacksmiths shop because he was never home. Brent loves what he does but he doesn’t get much family time. Brent plans to stop doing so much work that way he can spend time with his kids before they get to old where they will move out. (Introduction ends)

             One afternoon Brent was making a shield for Sir Philip knight of Benwick when the king came into the shop.

             “ You’re working hard as usual Brent.”

             “ Yes I am sire, am doing my best to get this done soon.”

             “ That is not what I have came to ask about. Would you mind going on a quest?”

             “ I don’t care anything for you but why do you want me to go?”

            “ We could use someone of you intelligences and besides we might need more supplies just incase of a battle occurs. Are you willing to come?”

             “ Yes sire let me pack my stuff and I will be ready to leave.”

             “ Okay I will be waiting for you in my courts.”

               So as was said the king his knights and Brent left for the quest. “My I ask what is this quest for?” There was not reply. One of the knights said, “We are trying to find the cup of life. It is said to be good and evil and we wouldn’t want the evil part forced on us so we are taking it so it is not used for evil.” We traveled many miles until we were told to stop by the king. “ It is told to be in this cave, “ the king said. So we gingerly made our way through the cave. We ran into a big group of people, I felt worthless because there was nothing I could do to help I mean even if I had a sword it wasn’t like I knew how to use it.

             The battle went on for quite some time we weren’t really winning and the other side wasn’t really winning either, I guess the battle was about even. I felt as if I was watching a play that had fighting in it but I would just have to sit there in see the fake fight go on. There were three people ganging up on the king. I couldn’t take it anymore so I took a sword from one of the dead knights. After the moment when I took the sword I saw one of the group members getting ready to try to strike the king. I ran as fast as I could and lunged my sword in to the evil “gang members’ ” back.

              “ You saved me,” the king said.

              “ I guess I did didn’t I.”

              “ You shall be rewarded for you actions”

             We showed back up at the castle and the king asked me to come into his courts. I knew why he did probably to say thank you and then send me off on my way.

          “ Brent you saved my life if it weren’t for you they would have to figure out whom was the person heir to the throne.”

             “ Yes I did save your life and I accept your thanks.”

             “ You’re not leaving this room yet, in fact this will be where you gather all of the time.”

             “ I am sorry sire what do you mean?”

             “ I mean you will be rewarded a position in the royal court.”

             “ Ar--are you serious?”

             “ As serious as can be.”

              And so it befell that Brent never had to work in the blacksmith shop again. He also had much more time that he could spend with his family. Brent ended up becoming a knight but was still a major person in the royal court other than a knight. So the life as a blacksmith for Brent was bad at the beginning and then became great at the end.

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