Two - Small World

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Alex's POV

I parked my car in my spot and took the elevator up to my office barely nodding towards all the "Good morning, boss" I received. I knew it was rude but I had a rough night and could barely keep my eyes open.

After I walked in my office, I took my suit jacket off and sat down to drink my coffee when I realized it wasn't there. Crap. I forgot that I needed a new secretary because Savannah just wasn't doing the job well enough. I groaned  mentally thinking of all the interviews I would have to sit through today. Not only that, but it would take me weeks before I trained my new secretary to perform tasks just like I wanted them to.

I began to sign and take care of paperwork while I waited for the first interviewee to arrive at 7:30 in the morning. When I heard a knock I looked at the clock and realized time flew and it was ready 7:35. I did not like making people wait because I knew how valuable time is. 

"Come in," I said bluntly.

One of the other secretaries let the interviewee in and I gasped a little. It was her again. The beautiful woman that was drenched in coffee last night. She had a shocked then embarrassed expression. I had to stop thinking of her as beautiful. She destroyed everything I cared about and now I would destroy her. Her appearance at my door without me even trying to find her anymore was a signal. I had to follow my plan but for it to work I had to be fake. I had to hide my hate for her. This was not the type of person my father raised me to be like but sometimes we have to do things we do not like in order to achieve a greater good. 

She looked like she was about to walk out the door when I made a sign for her to sit and she sat down in front of my desk facing me.

"Good morning, I am Alexander Kingston and you are...?" I prodded. I pretended not to know her name but in reality I know a lot about her even if she doesn't know that.

"Mia Franco... And good morning to you too Mr. Kingston," she softly said in her sweet voice. The voice she must have used to trick my dad into loving her and leaving us.

I looked throughout her résumé and realized that she didn't have any experience as a secretary but that didn't matter. I knew I would hire her because I needed to keep her close for my plan to work.

I smiled my most charming smile and handed her the folder back then signed the contract and handed it to her. "If you want the job it's yours, just read the hours, pay and stipulations then sign there and your trainer, Savannah, will show you around tomorrow Ms. Franco."

She stared at me with a confused expression, "just like that? I mean, I'm glad and everything but I don't have any experience..."

"Well if I don't give you a chance you'll never get that experience now will you?" I smiled charmingly.

"Thank you Mr. Kingston," she smiled as she blushed slightly. She looked so innocent but I knew that was a facade.

I smiled at her and stood up, "I don't mean to be rude but I have a meeting to attend right now, can I walk you out?"

"Oh yes of course, I'll be here bright and early tomorrow." She said as she walked out.

"I'll be waiting." I tried to say that in a gentle tone but it sounded a little threatening so I added a smile as she left.

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