Two. Welcomings in London.

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One year later. Paris.

"Mother, I told you, I am not marrying any pureblood bitch you set me up with. Please, just fucking understand," Draco Malfoy shouted at his mother.

Meanwhile, Narcissa Malfoy, stood in the living room of the Malfoy house in Paris, looking at her like he had committed the biggest sin.

"Draco, I order you to not curse anymore, and, why not? I am no longer asking you to marry Astoria Greengrass. I would like you to meet nice, intelligent witches and decide for yourself," she said in a tight voice.

"I know you will end up coaxing me to marry some bint anyway. Thanks, but no thanks, mother, I am twenty years old right now. I need to have a fucking life before even thinking of settling down," he said stopping in front of her. He looked her straight in the eye, hoping that she would see his sorrow. If not that, at least his desperation.

"Draco, I am not going to allow you to use my love for you into getting your bloody way. I expect you at the Manor this Christmas and mingle with some witches."

"Well, fuck them, mother, and fuck Christmas," he spat and apparated back to his hotel room before she had the chance to remove her wand.

Lucky escape this time mate, he said to himself, next time she is going to hex your bloody balls.

Two years later. London.

It had been just over two hours since Draco Malfoy arrived in London and there were already reporters surrounding him. He was sure his mother or Blaise fucking Zabini had alerted them of his big arrival. Maybe Blaise was getting some revenge for that prank last summer.

Draco was in Diagon Alley, waiting for Blaise to show up so they could head for dinner at the Manor. Unfortunately, he hadn't been able to escape his mother even for a day.

"Hey, mate," Blaise said walking down the street. Draco walked up to him and smacked him for being late. "Ouch, bastard, I had a lesson, I am sorry."

"Did you tell the reporters?"

"Not at all, mate, I know how much you hate them," he replied honestly. "Now, shall we?"

Both the wizards apparated in front of the Manor, walking the path leading to it in comfortable silence.

"Here's hoping to a meal without the mention of marriage," Draco said before knocking on the door. To his surprise, his mother opened it and not a house elf.

"Mother, what happened to the elves?" he asked, knowing his mother could not survive even a day without her elves. She frowned slightly at his voice.

"They are on their annual vacation, love. Hello, Blaise, nice to see you again so soon," she replied politely.

"You too, Narcissa, I am glad to be invited," said the bloody Italian bastard. Draco gave him a questioning look that he replied with an 'I'll tell you later' look.

"You are always welcome here, darling, you are like a son to me. Do come in both of you."

"Mother, since when have you allowed the elves an annual vacation?" he asked following her into one of the living rooms. Personally, he was glad the elves weren't around. They were horrible monsters who pounced upon him randomly to tickle him. Soulless little things.

"It is a compulsion now, Draco, and I realize that they need it too. I work twenty days while they are not here and I know how exhausting it can be," she sighed. "So, now, I give them two annual holidays. I must say that Miss Granger is very pleased with me."

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