Lindsey's PoV
"Um.... S-so Your Meru. And Your Katy. The guy standing by Cole Is Henry?? R-right?" I Asked the two girls, taking a sip of my water.
"Yeah.Nevy and Meru are dating but they don't want to admit it." The Girl Katy said, Meru blushng a very dark red, along with Henry.

"Okay... S-so Adam and Casper... W-why did they do this to me?" i asked confused.

"I-I'll tell you when we get Home Lindsey...Your Dad, Emile and his boyfriend Jon are coming to pick Both of us up..." Cole told me, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Hey...You dont need to cry... I'm Okay...'' I smiled at Cole as told him, the star on my Chest glowing slightly. He smiled back at me.

"Your right... Your Okay. Thats amazing at the moment."

"Yup." I smiled but then let out a small gasp as the star on my chest grew brighter, pain forming in my chest.

"Lindsey?!" Cole gasped.

" She's Fine Cole... This was my first time coming out of her body... i felt just as must pain as she did." Another girl appeared. She looks a lot Me... Except for her hair.

"W-Who are You?" I asked, slightly scared. She could be the fucking Devil! You dont know!

"Lindsey. Im your sister Lillian. I Came here to do something. Here. You guys may want these." Lillian said, handing everyone but me a pair of Sunglasses.


Lillian PoV


"In Advance im Sorry." I tell Lindsey as she gives me a scared look.

I moved my hands in front Of Lindsey's Body and Close my Eyes.

"Da a este niño una copia de la memoria !" ((gives this child back her memory)) I said Quietly as a Teal blue Ball of Light appeared in my hands. I moved the ball over Lindsey's head and took a deep breath.

"Proteja esta chica de Peligro ... Mantener a salvo mamá." ((Protect this girl from Danger ... Keep her safe Mom.)) I placed the ball on Lindsey's Head, watching as her eyes Changed from her Normal green eyes to a now Light blue. I felt myself start to Disappear and smiled lightly.

"Cole shes going to pass out... catch her..." I said softly as i closed my eyes, darkness appearing.

Did do the right thing?


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