Dirty Niall Imagine~Movie Night!

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Niall Imagine for @1DLover72298

"So, which one first?" You ask Niall after reading the summary and review of each movie you guys have rented for the night. Niall looks at you, cluelessly. He obviously wasn't paying attention when you read out every word on every website.

"What?" He asks after seconds go by.

"Niall" You whine, "Which movie do you want to watch?"

"How about Grease?" He suggests, straightening his posture.

"We've watched it a million times already." You groan, unhappy with Niall at the moment. Yes, you love him to death, but sometimes he just zoned out and you were talking, and it was starting to get on your nerves.

Niall gives you a questioning look, You know what? Fine. Put Grease in. I'm gonna go make the popcorn." You say getting angry. You quickly stand to your feet and walk heavily to the kitchen.

You end up by the sink and you push yourself up onto the counter next to it. A large, glass window sootd in front of you. You curl up into a ball and stare outside watching every little event that happens. You think about how much lately Niall has been ingoring you, saddening your emotion. Just then, you feel arms slip around your body, making you gasp.

"Shhhh. It's just me." Niall whispers into your ear.

"Oh." You say in disgust and hop off the counter. You turn to the cabinet with all of the snacks and grab the package of popcorn, placing it into the microwave. After clicking a few buttons on the device, you move around looking for a good sized popcorn bowl. You open up a cabinet close to the floor and luckily find a green bowl. Once you stand up, you feel Niall take you into his arms.

"Niall what are you doing?" You ask, pulling away from him.

"I'm trying to talk to my girlfriend, but it turns out she doesn't want to talk to me for some reason."

"Oh like you don't know." You reply with a snotty tone.

"I don't know." Niall says confidently.

"Psh. Yeah right." You roll your eyes and turn to look out the window again.

"I am right. I have no idea what you're talking about." Niall raises his voice. He takes a step closer to you, tightly, grabbing your body close to his

"You've been ignoring me." You say, nervously. Whenever Niall raises his voice, you always got a little scared. You never knew if he would loose his temper.

"Ignoring you?" He asks, lightening his grip on your waist. He holds it softly now and carefully, "What do you mean?"

"You just ignore whatever I say and stare at me." You step away from him and cross your arms across your chest.

"No." Niall says, stepping closer, "No, no, no, no, no. I was never meaning to ignore you. I was just, just, just."

"You were just what?"

"I would just get lost in your eyes. As cliche as it sounds, it's true." He says, "I'm very sorry. Come on Nicole, you know I love you with all my heart."

You guys get very close to each other, "I love you too."

Niall smiles and leans down, making your faces come closer, and closer together. Your lips soon connect. You bring your arms up around his neck and you feel his hands travel down to the small of your back, one of them hang a little lower.

The kiss becomes heated only after a few minutes, and Niall's hands grip the bottom of your thighs and lifts you up onto the counter-tops. Your legs straddle his waist and you lean into the kiss even more. Your tounges dancing together hungrily.

Niall's fingers travel to the hem of your shirt and start tugging on it, helping it makes it's way above your head, exposing your black-lace bra. His hands rest on your thighs once the shirt gets thrown on the ground. You decide to pull his shirt off, and you do so without breaking the kiss. His shirt gets tossed to the ground as well leaving you both topless.

His hands start to slide onto the inside of your thighs, making you take a deep breath in. You felt warm moisture buliding up under your lace knickers. Luckily for him, you are wearing a skirt, and so it's easier for him to get to you.

Niall kneels down on his knees and opens your legs as wide as you let him. He slowly slides off your knickers and tosses them into the pile of the rest of your clothing. He brings his mouth close to your opening and looks up at you. You give him a nod in agreement and he slides his tounge against you, making you moan. He moves his tounge all around, pleasuring you in every way. He soon places the tips of his tounge inside of you.

"Niall." You moan and close your eyes. He pushes his tounge in deeper and starts to move it around. You moan uncontollably.

You start to feel your stomache tighten and you get that feeling, "Niall.I'm close."

"Cum for me baby." He orders you and starts moving his tounge in and out of you faster. You release all over his tounge. He slurps it all up and stands up, getting close to you. He brings his lips to yours and you taste the liquids that you had given to him.

"I love you, Niall." You say, trying to catch your breath as you pull of of this kiss.

"I love you too, Nicole." He smiles and lays you down on the kitcen table.

Your fingers slowly fiddle with the button on his jeans before they are un-done and the zipper is un-zipped. His jeans slide down his legs and he steps out of them. You see a big bulge through his boxers. Your hnad starts to palm him thorugh the thin fabric.

Before you know it, Niall lays on top of you and is positioning himself near your entrance. He looks up to you and gives you a questioning look. You slowly nod your head and you feel the tip of this length slide into you. You heavily gasp and shut your eyes tight.

"Nicole, princess. You're so tight." Niall groans and slowly moves in and out of you, allowing you to adjust.

 "Go faster." You plead once you start feeling all of the pleasure.

Niall picks up the speed and you could feel the knot forming in your stomach. 

"Hold it in for me, love." He says, practically reading your mind. You hear cars pull up outside the house, and both of your head snap towards the front of your house.

"They're here." You say, worried.

"We'll have to do this quicker then." Niall insists and thrusts in and out of you as quick as humanly possible. You both release your juices at the same time and Niall pulls out of you just as the door bell rings.

You swear under your breath and place your feet on the floor. You and Niall both dress as fast as you can before running towards the front door. Niall straightens his shirt and opens the door. You see the boys standing at the door with grins on their faces.

"Hello lads!" He smiles and lets them in. You try to act normal, but you can't.

"I know what you guys were doing." Louis says.

"No you don't." You jump.

"Yes I do."


"Your shirt is on backwards, Niall's zipper is down and your bra is laying on the kitchen floor." Louis says and points to wear the lace fabric was.

"Crap." You say and cover your eyes in embarrassment, "This is going to be a long night."


A/N- I hope you liked this one!

~Rebecca(: xx

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