Chapter 3

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You glare at Rigby, who had an amuse smile.

"Why, the hell didn't you tell me that he worked here?!" You shouted at the poor raccoon.

"If I told you that he worked here you would have never applied, now would you?" Rigby asked.

"Wait, you told her to apply?!" Mordecai shouted.

"What? She said that she needed a job. So, I told her to work here. Plus, maybe you two will start getting all lovey dovey~" Rigby cooed.

Mordecai punched Rigby's arm. You gagged.

"Like, I'll ever fall for that stupid gray bird." You said.

Everything fell silent. You covered your mouth.

"Um, I meant, gray means stupid in Japanese." You lied.

They shrugged. Of, course gray doesn't mean stupid in Japanese. You had to lie or they would know your secret.

"Ok, Benson what is it that I need to do?" You asked.

"Well, one of the coworkers can show you around, if you like?"Benson asked.

"It doesn't matter." You said.

Benson pointed to Mordecai.

"Mordecai show her around the park." Benson demanded.

"Why do I have to?" Mordecai asked.

"JUST DO OR YOUR FIRED!!" Benson shouted.

"If I may object?" You asked.

Benson looked at you and sighed.

"It's best if he goes, one thing because he has nothing better to do." He said.

Mordecai scoffed.

"I got plenty of other stuff to do, then to show her around the park when she can do it herself." Mordecai said.

"I'll shut that mouth if I was you." You said holding up your fist.

"JUST STOP!!" Benson shouted.

You looked at Benson.

"Fine I'll go with him." You said.

"Thank you. Now, everyone back to work." Benson said.

Everyone nodded. They got up and went back to whatever the hell they were doing. While, you and Mordecai were left alone. You started walking keeping your gaze from Mordecai. Yes, he was good looking for a gray bird but he was so annoying. Wait?! Did you just think he was good looking?! You shouldn't be thinking such stupid things.

"So, I heard you lived in Japan?" Mordecai asked.

"Why does it matter to you?" You asked.

"Well, I think its pretty cool that you went to Japan and learned the language." He said.

You tense up for no particular reason.

"Uh, yea. It was pretty cool." You said.

"Can, I hear you speak it?" He asked.

"No!" You said.

"Why not?" He asked.

"Because it's weird doing in front of other people." You said.

"But you had to speak it in Japan."

"That was different. I'm different." You mumbled the last sentence.

"What did you say?"

"I said nothing. Can you just show me around so I could get to work?" You asked coldly, looking the other way.

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