Wearing A Small Skirt

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The sound was close to Lin Huamian's ears, making him feel a little embarrassed and his little face turned slightly red.

  "I, I'm not a little stammer... I just speak slowly..."

  Jiang Han found it interesting and leaned over slightly to look into his eyes.

  "Do you know who I am?"

  Lin Huamian shrank his head and nodded obediently, his voice as low as a mosquito's chirp.


  Han Jingjing calls him Mr. Jiang, so he must be the owner who bought him - Mr. Jiang.

  Jiang Han looked at the bright little face in front of him and his interest was aroused.

  The people in the glass showcase last night were all blindfolded, and Lin Huamian was just following the cheers of his friends when he took the photo. Jiang Han didn't take this gadget to heart at first.

  But when I took a closer look today, I didn't expect that the eyes under the black cloth strips had clear eyebrows, and the eyelashes were long and curved, and they were beautiful and tight.

  Moreover, the gadget looks timid, soft and tender, beautiful and delicate, and is very suitable to my taste.

  "You made my female companion wet," Jiang Han chuckled, "Then why don't you be my female companion tonight."

  Lin Huamian's eyes widened slightly when he heard this.


  "What do you think?"

  Lin Huamian waved her hands hurriedly, trying to explain that she couldn't accompany Jiang Han to the banquet.

  Because I can't be his female companion because I am a male.

  But being stared at by those smiling eyes, Lin Huamian's tongue seemed to be knotted.

  "I, I can't...I, I am..."

  Without giving him a chance to speak, Jiang Han had people take him down directly.

  Lin Huamian's mouth was covered all the way and he was taken to a luxurious cloakroom on the second floor of the villa.

  Several maids were surrounding him, carefully selecting clothes for him.

  Without exception, they are all small dresses.

  Others are trying to figure out how to do his hair and makeup.

  Lin Huamian wanted to quickly explain that he was a man. From the moment he woke up to now, no one had given him a chance to explain the matter clearly.

  As a result, Lin Huamian heard two maids chatting quietly in the cloakroom.

  "I heard that Mr. Jiang came back this time and punished several servants in the villa. I went to take a look, and oh, they were almost beaten into shape."

  "I know about this. I heard that someone betrayed Mr. Jiang. You know, Mr. Jiang hates others lying to him. Anyone who dares to lie to Mr. Jiang will definitely end up in a terrible end."


  Lin Huamian couldn't listen to what was said next.

  All he could think about was that he had deceived Mr. Jiang and was beaten into a state of disgrace.

  Then I have deceived Mr. Jiang. If he is discovered, he will not be cut into pieces and thrown into the sea to feed the fish, right?

  "Xiao Lin, did you have something to say just now?"

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