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Blossom's pov~
I was blindfolded the whole way to the base, but I could hear everything. I found out the two guys names. The one with silver hair and magenta eyes was Hidan. The one with the mask was kakuza When we finally arrived I was unblind folded. I was also surrounded by all the Akatsuki member.

"Everyone this is our new member Blossom Haruno. Introduce yourselves." Kakuza yelled.

"I'm Hidan bitch as you already know." He smirked.

" I'm Deidara yeah." A guy I almost mistook for a girl said.

" what's up? I'm kisame." A cool looking shark dude said.

"Itachi uchiha hn" the sasuke look a like said.

"Heyy! Tobi is Tobi." A very energetic man in a orange mask said. Something's off about him.

"Sasori." The puppet looking boy said.

"I'm Zetsu." A plant said. O.o

" heyy I'm Konan." A pretty girl with bule hair said. I turned and who I saw surprised the fuck out of me.

3rd person pov~
"Father." Blossom said as she looked at Pein. Everyone was silent. Confusion took over most of the Akatsuki members.

"Hello Blossom." Pein said. Blossom got up and hugged her father. "I'm sorry" he whispered. Blossom nodded into his chest.

" Hold the fuck up. Since when did you have a fucking brat?!" Hidan yelled instantly regretting calling the leaders daughter a brat. Pein glared at Hidan.

"You look just like Ayame." Pein said. Blossom gave a sad smile.

"What's wrong Blossom-chan?" Tobi asked.

"My mom's been dead for years now." She stated. Pein's heart sunk. He no longer loved Ayame but his heart ached for his daughter who lost her mother. He hugged her.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there." Pein said. As a few Akatsuki members smirked at their leader showing feeling for his daughter but stopped once he glared.
Pein left to go atend to some work along with Konan leaving Blossom with the other Akatsuki members.

"What's that symbol Blossom-chan's necklace?" Tobi said.

"Oh I'm a jashinist." Blossom stated as everyone got quiet. Some people were shocked and a bit scared. Hidan on the other hand was excited.

"Hah the bitch knows true religion. " Hidan laughed.

" You worship the lord Jashin." Blossom asked thrilled she wasn't the only believer.

"Of course " he smiled. Deidara quickly tried changing the subject.

"So Blossom un what are your hobbies yeah?" He asked. Blossom thought about it.

" hmmm well I like art, training and music." She said enthusiastically. The word caught Deidara's and Sasori's attention.

"What are your views on art?" Sasori asked.

" Well I think art is forever in everything we do but sometimes its fleeting you have to make it last eternally or at least end it with a bang." Blossom said. Sasori and Deidara were pleases with her answer. After awhile of talking with the Akatsuki members blossom got tired and was shown to her room that was across from Itachi's.

The next day was not what anyone expected. Tobi was sent to go wake up Blossom.

"Heyy Blossom-chan?!!!! Wake up!" Tobi yelled to wake up the sleeping pink haired girl.

"Oi Bloss-" he was cut off by Blossom punching Tobi in the face sending him across the room. "Wah. Was Tobi a bad boy?!" Tobi anime cried T-T.

" Shit Tobi I'm soooooo sorry. I-its just I don't like being woken up." Blossom felt guilty and Tobi hugged her.

"It's ok. Everyone wants Blossom down stairs." She nodded and got dressed.

Pein's POV
I heard a huge bang and Tobi came running downstairs.

"What the fuck happened?!" Hidan yelled.

"Tobi woke up Blossom-chan and she punched Tobi." Tobi said. Hidan laughed. Sigh she's just like Ayame. Just then Blossom walked downstairs.

"Hello Father." She smiled sweetly. I felt my heart warm.

"Goodmorning." I said in my regular monotone voice. She giggled and sat at the table next to Sasori and Itachi. They looked surprise she sat in between them.

"From now on everyone must take turns training Blossom." I said out of nowhere. No one argued though.

Blossom's POV
Deidara was to train me first. He showed me his explosive clay.

"Holy fuck that's cool." I said which cause Dei to stare at me. "Whyy are you staring?"

"You curse so much." He stated with a small hint of annoyance.

" I'm sorry its just Jashinist usually curse a lot but I'll try to stop." I said.

"Thanks." He smiled and started talking about art.

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