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2 weeks later

I woke up early , Today's the test. I got dressed in my regular outfit and brushed my long pink hair. I made breakfast for Sakura, Aunty and I. Sakura and I ate then left. Everyone was seatted. I was called for my turn to take the test.

"All right. Blossom Haruno preform the shadow clone jutsu."

" That's it." I said. They smirked at me.

"Fine. Surprise me." He said with a smirk. I made 50 shadow clones that were actually solid and then we each did my water cage jutsu and fire jutsu. Everyone looked at me in surprise. I got my headband and was told to meet up with the hokage. I was escorted by kakashi and hogake-sama told me to sit down and kakashi left.

"Blossom. How are you?" He asked with a smile.

"I'm good. Not to be rude but can we just get to the point." I said. He laughed.

"Haha of course. Well it looks like you passed you test, but your skill level is way above a genin well even passed jonin. How?" He questioned. I looked down. I couldn't lie.

" I was trained by tsunade herself. I was also trained by gai-sensei and kurenai by her request. I said. He stared at me. He knew I wasn't telling him everything but he didn't push forward.

" I see. That's amazing." Soon after our talk he dismissed me. I was walking to the training grounds thinking. I'm now a jonin. I wish my parents were here they would be proud. I entered the training grounds and started working on my taijutsu. Sasuke wasn't here like he usually is it must be late. I soon sensed something. Two men came out if nowhere. I was immediately on defense mode.

"Blossom Haruno." A man with a mask and a black cloak with red clouds.

" who are you?!" I yelled.

" we what you to join the akatsuki." Stated.

hidans pov~

She was fucking hot! (Perv moment.) We had been watching this girl since she came to the hidden leaf. Leader- sama ordered us too. The girl didn't look scared at all.

" Why the fuck would I join you?" She said.

"Because we know you don't want to be here. We know you have no family except for your cousin and aunt. And unless you want them to fucking die you better agree." I said with a smirk. She looked mad but then finally agreed.

Blossom's pov~
I know I can't take these guys. They're from the Akatsuki I may be a jonin now but I can't risk losing Sakura. I agreed to join them. I took one last look at my home and left.. I'm sorry Sakura please don't forget me.

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