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The next morning, it's 9:05 a.m and Drama gets up while the othersare all in their beds asleep

He sneaks out and goes over to the ski boat that he drove around yesterday

He starts it up in the water, and drives out and around

2 hours later--

Rob gets up and gets dressed

He grabs his skateboard, and heads out of the ship.

He starts to skate over some benches that were there on the beach, but when he looks over, he notices a ski boat driving around in the distance

"Ski boats don't drive around this early"

He stops skating grabs his board, and walks farther out to get a good look at who's driving the boat.

The boat speeds up, and goes past Rob, then Parks way over on the other side of the beach

Drama gets out of the boat and starts to head to the ship

Rob catches up with him.

"Drama?" he asked getting confused

"What?" asked Drama also confused

"Was that you driving that ski boat I saw earlier?" asked Rob

"Yeah, why?" Drama asked

"Oh so it was you. I was wondering who was driving a ski boat this early." said Rob

"Yeah. I wanted to get some fresh air so I decided to drive around for a little bit." said Drama going to the buffet

"Hey where are you going?" asked Rob

"To the buffet. I don't know about you, but I'm hungry." said Drama

"Oh well so am I. I'll go with you." said Rob following right behind Drama into the buffet

While the guys are eating, Chanel decides to get dressed, and head to the arcade room. (Yes there is an arcade room on the ship, okay? Don't judge me Dx)

She is playing Dance Dance Revolution, when Sterling, Big Black, and Big Cat walk in.

"Hey. Whatcha playin'?" asked Big Black.

"Dance Dance Revolution, and I can't beat this one dance that I'm doing." said Chanel.

"Well step aside, let me show you how to do work." Said Big Black

Chanel walks off of the game platform, and stands by Sterling and Big Cat, watching Big Black play the game.

Big Black beats the game, and gets a high score of 3,250,423.

"Woah." said Chanel shocked that Big could beat the game and she couldn't.

Big Black steps off of the game platform and high fives Sterling, Big Cat, and Chanel while saying "aw yeah son. That's the way to work."

Later after all of that happened, everyone meets up in the lobby to hang out.

They talk the rest of the day until time to head for bed.

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