Chapter 31: Cecilia

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"Happy Marriage Day!"

He glances at me, still smiling like an idiot as we walk the gravel path back to the inn we stayed at. I shake my head a giggle like a child as my eyes shift to the ground and my cheeks go warm.

Why is it embarrassing to be happy? I have no idea but the blush on my face and the fluttering in my stomach coupled with my inability to look at his face for very long without giggling is enough for me to know; I'm nervous.

And if I'm nervous he must be beside himself.

"Happy Marriage Day."

I manage to say between giggles. He squeezes my hand and we walk through the end, greeting the girl at the desk with happy waves. She smiles brightly at me and I wink at her. A charming gesture on a charming day.

"I love you."

He kisses my hand and I giggle yet again. I hate myself but I love it too. I don't know.

"I love you more."

I gaze over at him and hear myself cooing like some love sick teenager. I guess I am lovesick; this is pathetic.

"Not bloody likely."

He snakes his arm around my waist and the next thing I know I'm lifted into the air, cradled in his arms as he fumbles to unlock the door. I watch him, laughing all the while at his struggles and even more so at the triumphant grunt he lets out once he finally gets the door open. He carries me in, kicks the door closed and does a little twirl around the room before falling with me to the bed. The whole thing is surprisingly graceful and I clap for him as he grins looking very pleased with himself. He positions himself over me as I lay back and our eyes are contenly staring into each other's.

The nerves are back in full force. I fight back the urge to say 'I love you' again...but it is my go to for when I don't know what I should be saying.

"You look beautiful."

His hand trails down my body, all the way to where my feet rest on the bed, and he takes my shoes off one by one. I stupid enough to put them back on during the ceremony and they've been killing me ever since.

But I hardly noticed at all I was so happy. I'm grateful to him for it now though. He leans forward and kisses my nose before nuzzling mine with his. He closes his eyes and sighs as though breathing easily for the first time.

It's a quiet moment and I can't keep 'I love you' from spilling out of my mouth any more. I part my lips to speak but am interrupted by Harry's voice, his eyes open and brow furrows as he asks;

"Do you hear that?"

He lifts his head away from my reach and leans over, turning around to look around the room, for what I don't know - but as he sits up and looks confused I feel a little scared.

"Hear wh-"

He places a finger to his lips and I immediately fall silent. His eyes rest on the tall wooden dresser where the tv is. I resist the urge to clutch his arm and grip the quilt beneath me instead. I sit up too and watch him as he looks around. He walks over to the dresser and opens the top drawer slowly.

"How'd our phones get in here?"

He asks, looking slightly pale as he turns to me. I blink a few times in surprise, fighting down the terror that's forming in the pit of my stomach. When we left this morning we agreed to leave our phones here charging: we didn't want anything to distract us from each other on our wedding day. When we left the room our phones had been plugged in and left lying on the bedside table.

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