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Sakura's POV~
I patiently awaited my cousin at the academy. It was still early so I was the only one here so far. Just then I looked up to see Sasuke leaning against the wall. He's so cool!! He looked at me for a second before looking away and saying "hn". He's so cool. My thoughts were soon interrupted by someone yelling my name. I turned around and seen my cousin running towards me.

"Hey." She said as she fixed her shirt. I gave a small smile.

"Is that him?" She asked referring to Sasuke. I blushed and gave a small nod. She laughed. " He's not all that you'll have him in no time Sakura" I looked up at her and smiled for real this time. She's so nice.

Sasuke's pov~
I seen a girl with long pink hair run to Sakura. I almost mistaked her for Sakura but she's shorter by an inch or 2 and her green eyes had rings in them. (Like pein's rinnegan). She was somewhat attractive. Wait what am I saying?! She's related to Sakura so she's probably another fan girl.
I decided to go inside the academy because other students were arriving. Sakura followed me in and her cousin slowly followed her. I sat down and Ino and Sakura fought over who would sit by me. Hn fan girls -.- Sakura's Cousin was talking to Iruka-sensei. He then cleared his voice and told everyone to be seated.

"Everyone this is Blossom Haruno. Please make her feel welcomed." Students laughed at her name which made her put her head down. "Um Blossom you can sit next to Sasuke." She nodded and sat next to me. My fan girls glared at her. The whole time she said nothing to me and just continued listening to Iruka talk. After class I heard a couple girls talking to Blossom. " listen here Pinkie. Sasu-kun is mine. So don't try anything or I'll break your face." Ino said while cracking her knuckles. The girl scoffed. Which shocked me.

" I'm not interested in him. You guys can have him since you were here first. I have to train I have no time to worry over boys and beside you wouldn't last fighting me." With that said she walked over to a sleeping Shikamaru and sat next to him. Leaving everyone with their jaws on the floor surprised.

Blossom's pov~
Maybe that was a little rude but I was serious. The guy that I thought was sleeping lift his head and looked at me. "That was great. Finally a girl who doesn't seem so troublesome." He laughed. A boy with a dog on his head laughed with him in agreement.

"Haha yes. By the way I'm Kiba and that lazy bum sitting next to you is Shikamaru." I smiled.

"I'm Blossom" They smiled at me. And then a loud blonde boy jumped in our conversation.

"My name's Naruto! Believe it!" I laughed.

"Hello would you all like to be my friends?" I asked. They smiled especially Naruto and nodded. After class I told my new friends goodbye and told Sakura I'd be home later. The headed to the training grounds. As I was walking I sensed a strong chakra and turned to see Uchiha Sasuke.

"Why are you following me?" I questions.

"I wasn't following you baka I was headed to the training grounds." He said. "Oh same" I mumbled. We walked in complete silence. When we got there he started praticing his Justus while I practiced my Taijutsu.

"Uchiha." I said with a smirk.

"Hn." He answered.

"Let's spar." He smirked and got into a fighting stance. He then charged at me with his kunai in his hand. I used substution and then kicked him in his stomach. He then began doing hand signs. Hmm a fire jutsu. I dodged this attack with blinding speed and appeared behind and then performed a water jutsu that enclosed him in a large bubble of water. After a while I let him free and I knew I had won. Easy really. He was shocked I won so easily.

" You're strong. For a girl." My eye twitched, but I kept my cool.

"Rematch tomorrow sasu-kun" I said using the nickname his fan girls call him. He smirked and nodded. We then packed up our stuff and headed home.

What I didn't know was that two people had been watching.

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