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Opal was at Winn-Dixie grocery store...When she noticed two tomatoes rolling around on the floor. She went to pick them up,then she saw two feet.Opal looked up to a blood red faced man. Yelling who let the dog in!!!!!! Who let the dirty dog in. Somebody call the pound. Opal knew she has to do something she said sorry sir He got in by his self He is my dog. So Opal paid for the macaroni. Her and Winn-Dixie walked back to the trailer were her father the preacher was planning the Bible the lesson for church on Sunday. Opal gave her father the macaroni. Dad she said while I was shopping a dog ran wild in the store. They asked who's dog was it and I said mine because they were going to call the pound. Can we keep him? I suppose. So her and Winn-Dixie slept and walked everywhere. But one night there was a thunder storm and Opal woke up to Winn-Dixie scratching the door. When she let him out he ran back and fourth from her room to the preachers back to hers until the storm was over. She went to the pet store to buy Winn-Dixie a collar and leash but she did not have enough money to buy the leash and collar so she made this thing we're she comes and works for free. And the store manager keeps her pay to pay for the leash........On her way home to tell the preacher that she got a job. Winn-Dixie was walking toward a house that the dunberry boys call the witch house. Better get your dog before he goes into the witches yard! !!!! Winn-Dixie jumped the fence and when Opal walked in he noticed he was licking peanut - butter of the women's hand, When the women noticed Opal was there she said,... Is this your dog? Yes ma'am it is! He's a good one you can always trust a dog that likes peanut-butter!!!! So before she left she talked to the lady about her mother and the 10 things she knew about her............So when she got home she told the preacher about the lady and her job........Then she got in bed. In the morning she woke up at 6:00 to get ready and eat and head there. When her and Winn-Dixie got there the walked in on the store manager playing his guitar with all the animals out of there cages but the thing was the animals were frozen sort of as soon as he stopped playing the animals went everywhere.! So after he and Opal put then back in there cages she sweeped and he took dare of the costumers. So after she was finish working she stopped by the older woman's house so they could talk and Winn-Dixie could get it peanut-butter. And she did that everyday..........One day the preacher told Opal one more thing about her mother that she drank and drank and drank. So after work the next day she told the old women about her drinking addiction. So the old woman took Opal farther back in her garden and showed her a tree with a whole bunch if different bottles. And she explained that these were liquor and beer bottles. She also said that she drank all of them just by herself and a drinking problem is hard to break the habit. And later in the story they were talking and Opal decided to have a party and she and the old woman made a guest list on who was coming it was the.....Preacher, Opal, The dunberry boys witch the old woman told Opal she had to invite., Winn-Dixie and the pet shop store Manager. So the prepared the egg salad and punch for the party then Opal went and told everyone about the party and when it was. So on the day of the party Opal got of work and hurried to the old woman's to set up for the party.........and by that time everyone had arrived exept for the store manager so Opal decided to go wait for him. And he was there. He was nervous about coming he said to Opal I brought my guitar and pickles. So the all introduced echother and the mingled until it thundered and street poring the grabbed everything and everyone and had the party inside........But Opal could not find Winn-Dixie and then she realized she left him outside during a thunder storm. So her and the preacher searched and searched and searched. Then they went back and told everyone that they can't find him. So they told Opal he was here the whole time just hiding. And then the party continued...................

~The End~
Maekenzie Meyer

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