1. Never back down from a dare.

2. Get even when pranked.

These are just two of the most important philosophies the "Queen of Dares", Erin Sanders, is known for. But when she goes a little too far with a dare, Erin is forced to become the team manager of her school's soccer team.

Led by an arrogant jerk who thinks she's immature and childish.

Erin's about to learn, all's dare in love and soccer.

                                                      - OOO -

He'd been staring at me again. Actually, I had a feeling he was still staring at me—as in, he never stopped. I mean, it wasn't that big of a deal-it's not like he acted embarrassed about it, but it still felt a little...intense.

I gave my head a small but firm shake. Who cares if he was staring? Why did that suddenly make my stomach queasy? And why isn't it a bad kind of queasy?

I stared at his eyes the whole time he was getting ready to leave—in my own little blue world. "Why me?" What a nice blue world I'm in...

Tyler grabbed his bag and smirked at me as he started backing towards the library door slowly; his blue, blue eyes never leaving mine. "Where else can we find someone who willingly makes a fool of themselves constantly, better than you?"

And just like that, my little blue trance evaporated, as if the giant bubble I was in suddenly blew up and popped. I heard the needle-on-a-broken-record sound playing in my head. What was I thinking, honestly? Why would I possibly think about him—er...his eyes in that way? They were the eyes of the devil. And there's no way I would dream of his eyes tonight.

                                                      - OOO -