The Next Day

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Hey. *L&D*

That was a great surprise last night. *L&D*

Thank you for coming to see me. *L&D*

I wish we lived closer to each other so we could see each other more *L&D*

I miss you?? *L&D*

Are you getting these? *L&D*

Did I do something wrong? *L&D*

Are we okay??? I'm starting to get worried?? *L&D*

Look. I can't do this anymore. Ok? -D

Do what anymore? *L&D*

I don't want this -D

Want what? What are you saying? *L&D*

Look I got problems right now and I have to deal with them before I can move on. -D

We all have problems baby but that's why I'm here to help you through them. *L&D*

I don't want you involved. -D

I am already involved. We may not be out but I'm still your girlfriend and it's my job to help you through problems in your life *L&D*

I don't think you can help with this one. -D

Tell me what it is and I'll do my best. I can at least listen to you. *L&D*

Okay here it goes......I cheated on my girlfriend last night. -D

Lol no you didn't silly. You were here with me. Did you drink a little too much and forget. *L&D*

I don't think you understand. I cheated with you not on you. -D

What are you saying? Are you with someone else? *L&D*

Yes......I'm sorry -D

So you cheated on me with her then committed to her then cheated on her with me? *L&D*

Basically. Believe me. I never wanted this to happen. -D

But it did...... *L&D*

Yes. -D

Is that what was bothering you last night? *L&D*

Part of it. -D

Well it can't get any worse so you might as well tell me. *L&D*

Yes it can. -D

How so? *L&D*

She's pregnant. -D

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