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I was running into the hospital with my two month old baby and my 3 year old daughter,Cj and Danielle! I walked into the room and saw Chris in a coma lying on the bed with his hands on his stomach. I bursted out crying my eyes started to burn I felt like they were gonna melt onto the ground.

Danielle:Mommy it's ok I'll wake him up! *shakes Chris* Daddy time to get up! Daddy? Daddy wake up! I wake up when you tell me to so wake up! *smacks his arm* WAKE UP *starts crying* Mommy what's wrong with daddy

Yn:Daddy is in a deep de-deep sleep we can't wake him up. God has to if God wants him to *crying*

Dani:Why he go into a deep sleep *crying*

Yn:He got hit hard with a bullet in his stomach baby

Dani:*closes eyes* Hold my hands and pray with me that he's gonna be ok.

Yn:Ok *sits the carseat down and hold her hands*

Danielle:Lord hopefully you'll hear this pwrawer and forgive all me mommys,daddy's,and Cj's? Uhh...


Danielle:Yea sims

Yn:*chuckles* sins

Danielle:Sins and that you will wake my daddy up he means the world to me mommy and Cj. He helped me out of a bad place and was always there for me and mommy and won't ever leave. If you do this I will beg mommy to go to church every Sunday she doesn't have work and and I'll try to be good I love you and my daddy so much amen

Yn:Amen. Good job Danielle *hugs her* I love you

Dani:*hugs back* I love you to mom

It was an hour later the kids were sleep and Chris still wasn't awake. I was so hopefully and then all the hope went down. I wish he would just wake up foreal... I need help with these kids I need him in my life! No one would ever think Chris Brown is dead! FOREALLLLL! He's so...!

MB:*walk in*

Yn:*laying on the couch sleep*

Dani:*next to Chris laying down*

Cj:*in his carseat playing with his feet*

Roc:*picks up Cj*

Prince:Man I feel bad for them

Prod:Right. And they just had a baby

Ray:Foreal. It's just sad. I want food *leaves*

Prod:Aye man! *follows*

Prince:*shakes head* Niggas

Roc:Your black

Prince:Nah I'm Mexican

Roc:Blexican nigga

Yn:*wakes up and looks around* I swear I hate fucking hospitals

Prince:*waves* Hi!

Yn:Hey guys *sits up and yawns*

Roc:How you feeling *holding Cj*

Yn:Horrible I have a headache my eyes burn and my back hurts from this couch

Roc:You gotta go home and get some rest

Yn:No he'll wake up and the kids are gonna mess with me I just can't

Prince:We'll stay and watch the kids.

Yn:I don't kn-

Roc:We wanna help you

They were so sweet. If only I weren't ingaged. Lol Jk Jk... ;)

Yn:Fine *grabs keys* Take care of my babies please

Roc&Prince:We got this!

Yn:Ok ok *walks to the car*

I got in the car and drove home. I almost got in a crash cause I kept dozing off a little bit!! But I went to my room and put on my sweats and a black and baby blue sports bra. I plopped on the bed and cried myself to sleep. Why me



Roc:Chris died Yn I'm sorry... *kisses you*

Yn:*kisses back and jumps on him*

An hour later

Yn:*moaning* It's been an hour Roc my legs are fucking weak

Roc:*keeps going*

Yn:Imma bout to cum

Roc:*pulls out*



Yn:*pushes him and crys* CHRIS I MISS HIM SO MUCHHHHH!!

Roc:What the hell

Yn:*kills yourself*



Yn:*shoots up and screams*

I looked at my ring and started crying.

Yn:*walks downstairs and grabs a knife with tears rolling down my face*

It was sharp and big I'm ready to go!

Yn:Im sorry Dani,Cj,Chris,MB,EVERYONE I LOVE BUT I JUST WANNA GO MEET GOD! *raises the knife to your chest*

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