Prussia X Half-Neko!Reader [Lemon]

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A/N: Cover pic not mine! Excuse the pervyness. THIS IS HOW WE DO THINGS DEVIANTART STYLE! xD This is my first lemon ever! Sorry if it sucks, I've never written one before.  And WARNING! This contains heavy sexual content, and don't read if you don't like. Also, this line _____ means put your name in there. (f/c) means favourite colour. Please tell me if you want a certain country lemon! I might do it but they're hard to write lol. Sorry for any grammar/ spelling errors!

You weren't a country, but for some reason most of the actual countries didn't mind you hanging out with them. They thought you were cute. You had a long (f/c) tail, retractable claws, and fluffy (f/c) ears perched atop your head. It was adorable.

Some of the countries were even a bit jealous of you, I mean, who wouldn't want to be half neko? 

There was a new place for a world meeting, and somehow America had convinced everybody else to take his 'super-cool-new-boat' across the ocean to it instead of just flying. And so there you all were, bored as hell on America's boat.

"Hey, ________! It's mich, the awesome Prussia!" You heard your German friend Gilbert shout. He made his way over to you, waving his arms around as if you he was trying to get your attention.

"Oh, Hey, Gilbert! What's up?" You said in a nice tone. You looked into his crimson eyes and a sweet litte purr rose from your chest.

"I was just bored because the awesome me couldn't stand hanging out with Austria, Kesekesekese~"

You chuckled at this.

"I came to hang out with you, liebling..." his voice trailed off. You mewled in suprise when you felt his fingers twirling your tail around.

You blushed. "Uhm...I...C-could...could you n-not do that?" You arched your back a bit, quickly moving your tail back behind you blushing. Anybody else and they would've had a long bleeding mark across their face. The truth was, you kind of liked Gilbert, but would never admit it...

"But liebling, you like it," Gilbert pouted.

Wanting to change the subject, you said shakily, "Um...Gil? What does 'liebling' mean? You're always calling me that."

He leaned close to your ear and whispered, "It means 'love' in German, liebling." You blushed.

"Uhm...Uh..." You stuttered like an idiot.

He said as he scratched behind your ears, "That means the awesome me loves you, ________." you blushed more as a purr rose from your throat.

" like you too...Gil." you smiled. You were normally the shy type...but today was different.You took him by suprise by roughly kissing his lips. He took a second to undestand what was happening, then snaked his arm around your waist as he kissed back. After a while, you two broke apart, panting a bit. Your tail was waving back and fourth as you curled it around Gilbert's leg, just before once again smashing you lips against his. You nibbled on his bottom lip, asking for entrance to his mouth.

To your dismay, he broke apart from you. You pouted and put your ears back pleadingly.

"_______? I think we should take this somewhere else..." He smirked, picking you up bridal-style to one of the rooms on the ship, laying you on the bed. America had a huge ship, like something you'd pay 3,000$ to go on for a cruise.

Immediatley you sat up. You smirked and pushed Gilbert onto the bed, climbing on top of him.

Gilbert reached up to your face and pulled you down into a kiss. He scratched the backs of your soft (f/c) ears, making a half moan, half meow escape your lips. This turned him on.