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This story touches on many social, political, environmental and economical issues of our current society.

This story includes explicit scenes of violence, sex, and scenes that will make you swoon, flood with feels, and make you cry.

All I have to say is expect the unexpected.

A writer's aim is to provide for his or her readers. What a reader take away from the story is up to the reader.

I do not condone many of the themes of the story. But these are things that occur everyday. Just because I do not condone them, does not make reality any less cruel, the world any less corrupted.

My objective is to explore different character's mindsets, make you feel what they feel, make you feel things you never knew you could feel. I tell the story through a third person's point of view. I am the narrator. I some times lean towards the opinions of the characters, but I am not the characters.

In this story, these characters do things that many of you may not like, but their actions makes them who they are. They do things not because I want them to, but because that is what they would do if they were to control their own actions. This is a story about perspective and opinions, and I know there will be many. Feel free to have passionate debates with fellow readers.

I took a lot of literary liberties with the story. This story has no affliation with any of the One Direction members. Yes I was inspired by their appearances, but other than that, the Zayn and Harry in this story are nothing like the real, human beings: Zayn especially.

This is AU. I base the characters of my imagination.

You have been warned.

Enjoy ~ M



Prologue: Year 2439

Gently, Evelyn pushed open one of the heavy, metallic double doors to her room. A part of her wondered if Zayn had fitted those doors specifically for her, to make it more difficult for her to sneak around the palace at night, unaccompanied.

She let out a sigh of relief and carefully closed the door, her human heart calmed: believing she was safe.

But when she heard the very voice that haunted her nightmares--the voice of the man who took everything from her--she let out a little scream. Her heart raced rapidly in her chest, her hands trembled with fear.

"Where have you been?" Zayn asked, his voice was casual, but laced with the cold tone of a threat.

She turned around slowly, terrified of what was about to happen, and unsure of how to provide him with a plausible and satisfying answer.

Once her whole body was facing the room, and she gathered the courage to look up and meet his gaze.

She realized how much the scene before her resembled of one right out of a horror story.

Zayn stood at the far end of the room, leaning against the tall windows. The natural moonlight illuminated his figure, and casted a long silhouette along the glossy, black floorboards. She had yet to switch on the lights, so his face was shadowed, but even in the poor lighting, she knew he was scowling.

"I-I..." her voice was a broken whisper.

"Don't bother lying; tell me the truth, Evelyn."

She pressed her back against the wall, tempted to make a run for it. But the logical side of her brain decided against it. Not only couldn't she outrun a vampire, her whole body was shaking, and she no longer possessed the strength to push open the heavy, iron door.

There was a long pause, and when Zayn decided Evelyn wouldn't give him the answer he already knew, he dashed across the room to stand before her.

Gently, his index finger brushed her flushed cheeks. "You're cold."

"I went for a walk in the gardens: to clear my head."

He laughed. The sound was soft, and it would have been pleasant coming from any lips but his.

"Lies," Zayn growled.

Suddenly, one of his hands roughly took hold of Evelyn's jaw. Out of pure instinct, she began to struggle. The overwhelming desire to flee grew stronger and stronger by the second.

"I know where you went, and I know who you were with!" he hissed harshly in her ear. "You dare play me for a fool?"

He made no effort to hide the rage boiling inside of him as he pressed his body against hers.

She could almost feel the darkness, taking over his body, taking control of his mind.

"Accompanying Zayn is like accompanying a hungry lion. You need to be careful of your every action; because he has the power of destroying everything you ever loved with the snap of his fingers." Her dearHarry's words echoed in her ear as Evelyn fought the urge to fight.

She knew fight fire with fire with Zayn would only make a bigger fire. Normally, she wouldn't have cared, but at that specific moment in time, she knew she had too much to lose.

If Zayn's words were true, and he knew exactly who she was with, then he must know what they were plotting to do as well.

There were too many lives at stake, Evelyn knew that. And for the sake of the people she loved, the young human girl resisted the urge to fight, and allowed him pressing his head against the crock of her neck, inhaling her scent, his breaths uneven.

"How many times do I have to tell you that you are not allowed to touch him, to think about him? You are mine Evelyn, accept that. You are mine, and only mine."

She cringed.


Okay, this is around 2/3 year after the beginning of the story (next chapter). Now, most of the chapters will be like this, and it will get very dark, so I don't recommend anybody under 13 to read this because it does get a little steamy and very, very dark and dangerous (hence the title).

A lot of you have been asking whether you can make fan accounts of this story. And yes, you can! The official 'short term' for the story is 'DnDL'. Lol, I know the title is long.

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