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I walked towards Kate .
"Hey " I said.
"Hi what happened" she said.
"Ethan broke up with me "I said .
"Why" she said.
"Cuz Grayson was supposedly trying to make me jealous " I said.
"Oh no he was " Kate said .
"How do you know " I said to her
"Oh he told me " Kate said.
"Well I guess he got what he wanted " I said.
"What" Kate asked .
"He wanted me and Ethan to break up" I said,
"What happened " Grayson said walking towards me
"Ethan broke up with me " I said
"Why " Grayson said
"Why ask isn't it want you wanted " I said to him
"Well in that case do you..." Grayson said , I interrupted by saying "yes I will go out with u " I said ,
Then he hugged me .
Ethan came up to us and Grayson held my hand
"Hey Kate " he said.
"Hi " she responded
"Wanna go out " he asked her
she turned to look at me , I shook my head and she turned back to him and said "yea sure " ..

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