Chapter 22

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Rachael's POV
Gemma asked me to fill her spot in for her at work today because she had a lot of errands to run and offered to take Scarlett while I work.

"Have fun with grandma" I said kissing my daughters head and handing her to Gemma.  "I'll see you later gem" I said and got in my car waving and I left.


I really don't get how Gemma gots through all this paper work and deals with customers at the same time. 

"Hey Rachael?" Juice asked coming into the room.

Juice, Kip, and Chibs are the only one here today. The others had to go on a quick run. But they should be back either tonight or in the morning.

"Yeah juice?"

"Um Tara is here to talk to you."

"I don't have time to right now I'm kinda busy here tell her to come around later."

"That's the thing I told her you could right now but she demanded that she talk to you know or she's gonna make a huge scene."

I rolled my eyes why does she always have to be so annoying.

"Fine" I said getting up.

I followed juice into the clubhouse and saw Tara sitting at the bar.

Juice signaled for kip to follow him out to give us privacy.

"What do you want I'm busy."

"I want Jax. " she said.

" Tara I really don't have time for this."

"You need to break up with him and take your daughter back to wherever you guys came from and never come back so I can be with Jax."

"How about no" I said and started walking out of the clubhouse.

As soon as I stepped out at heard a loud bang and then nothing at all.


I can't believe it the clubhouse just exploded.

Me and kip ran to Rachael. I hoped to God that she was still alive.

The blast had thrown he a little ways and knocked her out when she hit the ground.

Me and half sac were far enough away from the blast to have only been knocked off our feet.

I checked Rachael for a pulse and found a faint one.

"Sack! Call and ambulance! She's alive" I called to him.

And he was immediately on the phone.

They got to us in record time and took Rachael to the hospital.

"Did you see Tara get out?" Kip asked.

"No. I think she was still in there. " I said.

He nodded and got on his bike and rode to the hospital.

I pulled out and dialed the number j didn't want to.
I dreaded having to tell Jax about this.


Authors note: I'm so sorry this took so long to post. But I'm setting a schedule for myself and I'm going to update this story every Saturday.

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