LIII - Tease #2

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"Today, class, is the start of your annual project for this class," the teacher announced during Indianna's history lesson. Groans could be heard throughout the classroom, but they were silenced when the teacher clapped his hands.

"This project will account for 45% of your grade. This is to be taken seriously!" He said. "You are to work in pairs. I will let you choose your pairs, but choose wisely. You will be working with this person for three months. Choose your pairs and then come and see me, I will give you your topic for your project."

"Boring," Greyson muttered, sliding into the seat next to Indianna.

Indianna turned to face him. "Where were you?"

"Just dealing with some shit. No biggie," Greyson shrugged.

"Is everything alright?" Indianna questioned.

"Brandon was hassling Harry about Brooklyn, he just needed putting in his place," Greyson said dismissively.

"Putting in his place? Greyson, did you harm him-"

"Relax," Greyson cut Indianna off. "It was just verbal. Chill, sugar."

"You may not like him, but you can cut him some slack. He's just looking out for his cousin," Indianna said and stood up from her seat.

Greyson ignored Indianna. "Where are you going?"

"To the teacher to find out what our project is going to be about," Indianna said.

"And who said I was going to work with you?" Greyson said, smirking at Indianna.

"Well, I can go and work with Brandon," Indianna shrugged, looking at Brandon as he entered the classroom. He cast a cold look at Greyson who narrowed his eyes. "I'm sure he'll be up for it," she said with a smug smile.

"Just go and talk to the teacher," Greyson said with a shake of his head and Indianna chuckled, walking down the classroom to the teachers desk.

"Indianna," the teacher said and looked up through his glasses at Indianna. "Your partner?"

"Greyson," Indianna said quietly.

The teacher sighed and shook his head. "You are aware of his grades, Miss Hughs? It would be a shame to put someone with your academic ability with him."

"I'm with Greyson," Indianna repeated.

"Fine," the teacher sighed and handed Indianna a slip of paper. "You have three months. Good luck."

Indianna turned around and made her way over to Greyson, handing him the slip. Greyson raised his eyebrows at the piece of paper. "The life and death of Mary Stuart. Who the hell is Mary Stuart?"

"Mary Queen of Scots," Indianna said. "You must've heard of her, Greyson. She was the Queen of Scotland."

Greyson rolled his eyes. "I can't think of anything else I'd rather spend my time researching," he said..

"Her life was extremely interesting," Indianna tried to reason.

"I'm sure it was," Greyson said sarcastically.

"I'm not doing all of the work," Indianna said and Greyson rolled his eyes.

"I know," he said, "but I'm not in the mood to talk about some dead Queen chic right now. I want to talk about you."

Indianna raised her eyebrows questioningly. "What about me?"

"Your birthday. What do you want?"

"Nothing," Indianna shrugged.

"Come on, you must want something, sugar," Greyson said.

Indianna shrugged her shoulders. "Not really," she said and Greyson stiffened when Brandon walked over to them.

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