15 Fading Zen

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The next day Louis woke up and thought of Harry. He looked at his clock. It was 6:45am. He grabbed his phone on the nightstand before it would have a chance to go off. He sent a text to Harry.

Are u up?

He laid on his stomach and pulled his pillow up under his chest. His phone vibrated.

I am now. Why are u up?

He smiled and decided to not let himself feel bad. He only woke him up 15 minutes early after all.

Idk. Are u usually busy when you get to work?

Louis felt stupid but sent it anyway and waited for a response. It came a minute later.

Depends. Im usually the only one there for about hour. The store doesnt actually open till 9.

This was good. But now Louis had butterflies.

So like, 8:45 youre alone and not usually busy?

Louis was chewing on the inside of his cheek. His phone buzzed shortly after.

Correct. U coming to see me? :D

Louis knew he wasn't being discreet, but for all intents and purposes, he had to make sure it was okay with Harry before dropping by his work unannounced.

Maybe :)

Louis decided to go with happy and vague. He could do that. He got up to start getting ready and his phone vibrated again.

:D :D :D :D

Louis shut his phone off and tried to wipe off the grin that took over his face.


It was 8:15am and Louis was in line at Einstein Bagels. After spending too long picking out his outfit and quiffing his hair just right, he was still able to make it out the door in time to decide that showing up empty handed was just bad form.

But now that he was actually in line, he realized he had no idea what the fuck Harry eats for breakfast, and if Louis was even in the realm of bringing breakfast to him at work. His stomach was saying that it was far too intimate of a gesture to show up with food, but he didn't want to show up with a drink that said 'I was in a food venue and did not bring you food'. He should have gone to Starbucks.

The lady at the counter called for him to place his order. He stared at the bagels and it dawned on him that Harry might not even eat bagels. It might be too high in calories or carbs or whatever the fuck Harry was watching.

Louis bit his lip. He could turn around now and go to the closest Starbucks. It would probably be the most sensible thing to settle his mind. But Harry cooked him dinner. He deserved some form of sustenance offering back from Louis.

"Excuse me, sir? Are you ready to order?" The girl behind the counter looked irked.

Louis noticed a line starting to form behind him. "No. Please just give me a moment."

"Would you mind stepping to the side then? We are really busy right now." Her tone was impatient.

"Yes I do mind. I am on a time crunch here. If you'll kindly let me think for a moment longer, I'll be happy to place my order." Louis pursed his lips.

The girl's eyes scanned Louis skeptically. "Sure. Take your time."

Louis ignored her tone. Where was he?


Fuck. If Louis got something with cream cheese schmear that would definitely be a diet no-no. But he couldn't get something with eggs on it either because that would be too similar to breakfast.

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