Perfect (Fluff)

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When Castiel opens his eyes, he sees nothing but the chaotic bedroom of his husband. It was Sunday morning, no work, no family dinners, no kids, no interruption. Last night was their ten year anniversary and the parents of Castiel's Husband had offered to take the children for that night, they will not bring them back before Dinner, so he and his husband have all day for themselves and both of them would prefer to stay most of it naked. So Castiel yawns and turns around to crawl on his husbands chest. The other man keeps sleeping, but in his sleep he grips Castiel's body tighter and burrows his head in Castiel's neck. The nose tickles Castiel so he begins to laugh at his husband, till he wakes up. With big green eyes and a even bigger smile he wakes up. „Good morning, Dean.", Castiel greets him and kisses him. „Morning, baby.", he responds and flips Castiel around to lay on top of him. Castiel chuckles and then they were kissing again. But then Castiel stops Dean with his words. „The last ten years were the best of my whole life." he whispers and Dean kisses him again, this time more soft and slower. „My Life just began when I first saw you, Cas.", he says with honesty in his eyes. „How did I get such a perfect husband?", Castiel asks with a sigh. „You got me for being so perfect all by yourself." Dean laughs and Castiel does so, too.

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