First Day of work

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I've finally completed my studies and i am now pursuing my dream career. Well many said i can  never make it beacause i was too dumb. Guess what bitches. I'm a doctor now. HA. My salary is going to be bomb now and yes i get to treat people's illness. I was literally smiling to myself as i was walking to the entrance of my new work place. HOW EXCITING!!!! I cant wait to meet new people and hot guys *coughs*. How i wish there were hot guys. I mean come on. How many male doctors out there are hot. Ok fine i should stop stereotypeing.

"Welcome Miss Yanaliese... I mean Dr. Yanaliese!"

This startled me. I quickly snapped out of my thoughts and responded. "Hello Ms...erm Hi! Nice to see you"

"It's Mrs Bates my dear" she said as she pointed to the name card.

How the fuck did i not see that! Anyways. This lady seemed nice. Well besides the fact that she had a jar of fried grasshoppers next to her. She came out of her cabin and gave me a firm handshake.

"You must be the new doctor Mr Brar told me about! Follow me i will show you around"

"Who's that?" I asked her as my eyes widened.

"My dear didn't you read the email i sent you?..."

I laughed awkwardly saying uhhh hahahha erm

"He's your boss"

"Got it Mrs Bates!"

I never bothered to check my mails as it is always flooded with notifications from facebook,twitter etc. I really need to start acting like a 24 year old.

"BTW you have to undergo a speacial test Dr Yanaliese" she said as her cat eye styled frame spectacle slided down her crooked nose.

"WHAT TEST?" I dont know what to be surprised about. Her using abbreviations or the test.

"You clearly didn't read the email... Okay Dr Yanaliese. Please wait in this room. Dr Victoria your mentor will be here shortly." She left as  the clicking of her high heels faded slowly. The room was magnificent. There were tons of medical supplies and this 3D structure of the human nervous system. I was intrigued. I looked around. Ok there was noone. Me being me,i went to touch the spinal cord to see if it was real. SNAP

"Ouch!?!?!? That hurt.."

"Dont touch that... I put in a lot of effort okay..."

"Sorry" i mumbled as i looked to the ground.

I heard someone walking out of the place where they stored medical supplies.

"Is everything ok?" A husky voice echoed.
He walked towards us.

Omfg. There was someone in the room. Gosh.


This nurses are always messing these medical supplies up. Now as the freaking boss. I have to fix everything. And that nervous system model made by Angela is freaky. GOD. WHY ME. Well i heard Mrs Bates talking to someone, well maybe a girl. Argh.. who fucking cares. Omfg. THESE MEDICINES EXPIRED 2 FUCKIN YRS AGO.


I turned my gaze towards the source of the sound. And i see Angela. Scolding a girl. Ard 1.55m and cute af. Now i have to handle this. Fml.

I approached them.

Is everything ok?

"Dr Brar she tried to mess up my model and you know how much effort i put in those right!"

The cute girl was like i was just observing. :( sorry!!

"Nevermind... "Angela said as she tapped the cute girl's shoulder and exited the room.

"Who are you supposed to be?" I raised my voice at the cute girl.

"I..I am Dr.Yanaliese new to this workplace"



Tears were trickling down profusely. Why do i have to be scolded on the first day. WHY?😢😢😢

"Got it sir. I wont do that again" i said while looking to the ground.

He stomped off.

"Hey dont worry he's always like that" a voice echoed from behind.

I quickly wiped off my tears and saw this lady maybe in her thirties?

She came near me and gave me a hug.
"I'm Victoria Btw :) we will be working close!"

Thanks alot for consoling me 😘

Victoria: Let's just get to work :)

Hi guys I really hope u enjoyed this!!! Do leave a comment 😘

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