NOTE: Yes, this is a story involving Travis from Sparked- but I promise you do not have to read that one to get what's going on in this one, so no worries if you haven't!

Just to forewarn everyone, there will be violence and swearing in this story as a whole, but nothing too bad. (: 

Also, this chapter is in TRAVIS' POINT OF VIEW. Enjoy. <3

I skidded around the corner and the gravel started sliding with me. I could hear it protesting against my sharp turn. Because of the momentum, I found myself falling as I made the turn. Using my fingertips to stop me from hitting the ground I kept running, not once stopping. I picked up speed as I brushed my fingers off on the black pants I was wearing.

“Just once!” I heard from up in front of me where Ben was running, “I’d like to go out without a complication arising!”

As if on cue, I heard another few shots fire off at us from behind. Nothing got your adrenaline going like being shot at. It was dark out, so I think we had an advantage there, unless they somehow developed night vision. Not to mention we knew these backstreets like the back of our hands. Them, I wasn’t so sure of.

“But it’s great cardio!” Finn, who was leading us, yelled back at him.

They started arguing back and forth about the pros and cons as I felt gravel shoot up and hit my leg from where a bullet almost hit me.

I let out a breath, gracious it didn’t hit me. I could have just left it there, but  let’s face it - I'm Travis Miller and I like to push my luck.

I turned around quickly so I was now facing them and running backwards, which slowed me down a great deal. My arms moved out to my sides, making me a bigger target. Regardless of the fact that my chest was covered in a black t-shirt and still probably hard to see, my arms were fully exposed.

“Does this help? Can you hit me now?!” I yelled out. 

They started yelling back and I heard more shots fire off, none hitting me. What great aims they all had…

“Come and get me!” I sang loudly, throwing my head back as I laughed.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” Cameron snapped at me, closing in on me. With one of his hands, he reached out, grabbed a handful of my black hair and pulled me with him as he ran. I was forced to turn back around and run with him. I was slouched over a bit until he let go and I could run normally again.

“I was just trying to have some fun!” I huffed to the leader of our group. We were a little group, but loyal and knew our way around enough so that you didn’t want to mess with us. I guess you could call it a gang when you took in the lower members, outside of the four of us, but I preferred calling it family. Sounded nicer, doesn’t it? Besides, I don’t count the lower members. I can’t trust them like I trusted Ben, Finn, and Cam.

“Not the time for fun,” Cameron said gruffly, his shaggy dark hair pinned back as we ran.

“If I get shot and die, it’s on your head that I didn’t have fun before death,” I accused, picking up speed as I ran. Cameron ran to meet up with me.

Okay, maybe asking members of another gang that we didn’t get on with well to “Come and get me” wasn’t smart but whatever. Cameron was such a party pooper.

We weaved in and out of alleyways following the bleach blonde hair that was Finn.

After a few minutes, the firing stopped and the crunching of gravel and stomping of feet behind us couldn’t be heard.

“Are they gone?” Ben whined, running a hand through his dark brown hair.

I glanced behind us as we continued to run.

“Yeah, I think,” I breathed out, starting to get tired.

“I think one scratched my arm,” Finn said, pulling one arm close to his face to inspect it and from not looking where he was going, toppled over a garbage can that had been placed out. The clatter of it echoed off the brick walls surrounding us. I chuckled.

“Can anyone tell me why we followed him this whole time?” I asked sarcastically as the older blonde got up with a scowl on his face.  I was pretty young compared to Finn, who was twenty-one and Cameron, who was twenty-two. Ben had only just turned eighteen while I was still seventeen, but we got on like brothers and they accepted Ben and I at a young age.

“Shove it,” he said as the rest of us, who were still running, caught up to him. We didn’t slow down and he jumped right in with us. You couldn’t stop until you were sure you were safe. Especially at night.

We came up to a turn off in the road and I split off from the group to head home.

“See you!” I called out and they bid goodbyes. I ran the way, eager to get back until I came to an immediate halt and felt my breath catch in my throat.

“Hello, Mr. Miller. Care to join us?” he asked, shining a flashlight in my face.

I squinted before throwing my head back to sigh. I got in the back of the police car, not willing to put up a fight tonight.

“What have you been up to tonight?” Officer Gordon asked as we drove to my house. He was always trying to get information.

I shrugged, “Not much. The usual,” I said, which wasn’t really a lie.

The rest of the ride I was silent, letting my head rest up against the cold window until my house came into view. No one outside of its members and other gangs knew we were actually one and what types of mischief, you could call it, that we got up to and we all planned to keep it that way. 

Walking up, Gordon kept one hand on my arm as he rang the doorbell and my dad answered, rolling his eyes.

“What now?”

“Found him down in the backstreets. Pretty sure he was up to something but won’t spill. If you don’t get a hold on him…” Gordon trailed off and this time it was my turn to roll my eyes.

“Don’t worry. He won’t be causing anymore trouble. I can guarantee it,” my dad said, causing Gordon to raise his eyebrow in disbelief.

 “Travis, your mother and I have been talking and I’m sending you to live with her to try to straighten you out, keep you out of trouble,” my father spoke to me. It wasn’t a secret that he wasn’t fond of my friends or the amount of times I came home either by the cops or bloody.

I let out a loud, obnoxious groan as I glared at my father. Gordon on the other hand, shook my father’s hand like he had just preformed a miracle.

“Aw, you gonna miss me Gordy?” I asked sarcastically and he shook his head before walking back to his car, obviously thinking I wasn’t worth the trouble anymore tonight.

I don’t know what my dad was thinking. Trouble was my best personality trait, it followed me everywhere.

Like this was really going to work. 


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