is he telling the truth/ why won't she believe me?

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hey guys this is the next part i know i took forever my good friend Hayley finally wouldn't stop nagging (no offencebut it was quite funny) so here is the explanation she wants and hopefully u to as to why Sam was kissing another girl and why he was kissing girl number one in McDonald's just before Rosalinda played truth or dare very drunk and got arrested for it okay so here we are in Sam's pov first.


Sam's pov

God she was beautiful, I saw Rosalinda walk into the club with the girls, they were laughing but I could tell Rosy was on high- alert. Even when she's drunk she's always got her guard up, like always the alpha's daughter, taking care of the pack without even realising it, but that's how she was raised I can't change that though I wish I could just see her without her guard up.




Okay rosy is definitly.... wild when shes lose. I looked over at her and the girl's, Becci and jenna were on there way to the toilet, while Charlotte and Rosy were on the dance floor kicking it but still being careful enough not to spill there drinks. I laughed at Rosy and Charlotte dancing to 'on the floor' they were amazing I saw them dance all the way through the song. The lads were howling by the end of the song, the girls look up at us and rosy and Charlotte started to sing

keep it moving

Put your drinks up

Pick your body up and drop it on the floor

Let the rhythm change your world on the floor

You know we’re running shit tonight on the floor

Brazil, Morocco

London to Ibiza

Straight to L.A. New York

Vegas to Africa

They sang it right to us, blew us a kiss and trotted over to the bar, laughing at Jenna's refusal to drink they ordered what looked like vodka shots. After Charlotte and Rosy guzzled about twenty and Rosy shouts 'I won, Charlotte you are never going to be able to keep them down girlie.' But it seemed only me and the boys could hear them. The girls started making there way over here.

"Guys when Rosa get's here tell her i've gone the toilet i'll be back in a Minuit okay." They nodded there heads in reply. I started making my way over to the toilets, when a girl walked over and touched my head everything went black.....

"Baby, come on time to go back to our hotel, I think you've had enough." I blinked my eyes to see a hot Blondie staring at me.

"What? Who are you?" She looks at me hurt.

"I'm your fiancé Sam, You must have hit your head or something." She looked like she was going to cry. Why does it feel wrong when she say's my name? I didn't have time to object before she had her lips crushed against mine, I got lost with the kiss for a moment I felt something push into my mind. I couldn't remember anything but her. I heard a coughing noise behind me but I chose to ignore it. The cough got louder, what is there problem I thought. I turned and saw a girl with violet eyes were had I seen them before, I couldn't remember what I said but I saw here hit the floor and I remembered... ROSALINDA..... I heard her scream in pain she was whispering to her mother and farther, Flash was crying and the lads were grabbing me to make there way out. I watched her slip away and I ran I couldn't take it anymore. That night the boys told me the girls were back home with the pack house, Rosalinda had woken up and had left to go back to her old town to finish the school term then she was transferring back to Eagle Skull high to graduate and then to take over the pack. That's all I got to know. We came back that night and I found my bedroom window open with a note addressed to me on my pillow the handwriting was french script the only person/ wolf I know that writes in that hand is Rosalinda with that realisation I closed and locked my door closing anyway to get into my room except the window. I lay down on my bed to read the letter it read.

Dear Sam,

                     I know the reason why you did what you did was because the Blondie was a witch it wasn't that hard to figure out with my power. I'm fine, that little pass out thing happens when I save up to much power and spirit and don't release it in a good way of course. I don't want anyone to visit me when I'm away I've told all the pack this the only people that are allowed to check in on me is Mitch and Jenna. I only chose Mitch because he's been through all of what I've been through he lost his mum and dad it a dog fight between rogues and are pack, but they had him and that's why his mum and dad attacked and Jenna because she is better than me at chemistry so I need her in a way too. They will give you check in's every week on how I am but until I tell them you can see me, you will stay away, I don't want to talk about anything at the moment so I don't need to see you. I'm getting my stuff shipped back here along with killer but I'm also getting private tutored in something I can't tell you about. There's a talent show in school in three weeks all the pack is coming including you but I'm doing a performance for you back at the place i'm staying in for the next two months so I will see you then till then


Rosalinda thunder ravencroth of storm pack

Amos unus

That was all I got two weeks had past I got daily update on how Rosa was but today was going to be different I could just tell. Just then Jenna and Mitch walked in the door, I bolted upright they looked tense, What was wrong? What's happened to Rosa? Is she okay? All these thoughts ran through my head I hadn't noticed I spoke them outload until Jenna answered.

"Nothing's wrong, Nothing's happened to Rosalinda, Well... she's ..... just ... ermm..." What was she going to say Mitch finished for her.

"She's got involved with a gang and she refussed to talk to us because they were having a gang meeting that's all she told us." What? What sort of gang. I couldn't stand it I needed to see her, Then I remembered three more days until she performs at the school and then theperformance at her house I wasn't allowed to see the performance at school, but 'the gang' was ment to be at the house performance too. three more days that's all it is.


hey guys right I know I didn't tell you about mcdonalds girl she was his cousin from a different country so she kissed him on the lips as a hello sort of thing and the next upload will be pretty soon. so until then g'night from goldengoose226

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