Alittle more love

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Jeff's P.O.V

"Sally, you can't!" I yelled at her not realizing the person who was listening.

"I can do what ever I wa-" she was cut off by Trinity walking into our conversation.

"Jeff? What are you doing here?" She asked and looked over at me and Sally.

"Trinity, don't play this game with her!" I tried to convince her, but she didn't seem to believe me.

"What are you talking about? She's perfectly harmless!" She went over to Sally and picked her up. Sally smirked at me. "Trinity, can we continue our game pwease?" Sally asked while giving her puppy-dog eyes. Trinity nodded and started walking away from me. I grabbed her arm to stop her.

"Trinity please believe me!" I pleaded.

She put Sally down and pulled me over to a tree so she couldn't hear our conversation.

"Jeff, how do you know her? And how come you don't want me to be with her? There's nothing wrong with her!"

I looked back at Sally, then back at her.

" I know her because.... Well, it's a long story, and she IS dangerous! She's planning to kill you!" I suddenly felt a little bit of guilt in my throat. I remembered, I once did the same thing. I tried to kill her.

I saw that Sally was coming towards us. She looked concerned.

"Trinity... Jeff's right, I sorta was trying to...." Her words faded away and I looked at Trinity for her reaction. She looked shocked and bent down to Sally's size.

"Sally? Why would you want to do that?" Sally suddenly ran over to me and gave me a hug. I hugged her back.

"She's just like me," I whispered but loud enough for her to hear.

Trinity watched us and sighed.

* an hour later*

Trinity's P.O.V

Jeff and I sat silently on my couch.

It was awkward. I had so many question going through my mind. How did he know Sally? How come she seemed sorta attached to him? And the one that boggled my mind the most, who was Jeff? I knew he was a killer, but beyond that. Something makes me spark when I see him, at first I thought it fear but then I realized I was wrong. There was something different about him, but what?

I decided to break the silence.

I looked over at him, ready to speak, but I stopped. He was looking at me. Quickly he looked away and blushed a little. He had a cute little pink color spread across his cheeks. I couldn't help but smile.

"Ssoooo, I guess I should go," as quickly as he said it he was out the door. I grabbed him by the arm and froze. He looked back at me and stared into my eyes. Green gazed into black. At least they looked black. He was so beautiful. I felt my face become warm and I realized I was blushing. I pulled away quickly and looked down, trying to hide it.

"N-never mind.... Y-you can go...." I waited for him to go out the door. I felt him come close to me, I looked up at him. At that second, he pressed his lips lightly against mine. I jumped a little from the sudden move but soon loosened. He pulled away and smiled.

"Bye," was the last thing he said.

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