Blind!France x England

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This was an RP I did on Shamchat and its a little sad. I kind of cried ;-; but I hope you enjoy!
France was in his kitchen, his thick black glasses over his eyes and sitting down at the table.

He didn't it when England came in. "Hello frog."

France turned to his direction and reached out for him. "Arthur? Where are you?"

"I'm right here idiot." He raises a brow then frowns. "What are you playing at?"

"Oh right... I haven't told you yet." He mutters.

"What? Told me what?" He steps closer in concern and suspicion.

He sighs as he takes off his glasses. "There was an accident, and now I'm blind.." His once beautiful ocean blue eyes were now a pale dull blue.

England's eyes widen and he covers his mouth as he gasps. "Y-You're..."

He slips his glass back on. "Oui. I got hit with tear gas and it damaged my eyes, making me go blind..."

"I..." He can feel his eyes water. "I am so sorry this happened to you.." He sniffles quietly. "If I could do something, I would. Maybe my magic can help..?"

He shrugs and sighs. "I don't know if there is a spell in your book to fix this.." Once again, he reaches out for England

England takes France's hand and holds it to his chest, not letting go. "I'm right here love.."

He smiles as the other hand travels up to the other man's cheek, cupping it lightly. "I may not be able to see, but I can feel."

A few tears run down England's cheeks. "Th-This shouldn't have happened to you.. Dammit, why. If only I was there, I could've saved you from it.. I don't went you to go through something like that."

"Hey.." He rests his forehead against the smaller blonde's. "Its not your fault at all. I was just taking a walk. People snuck into my country undetected and started setting off teargas in the streets."

"I-I'm sorry.." He suddenly wraps his arms around France. "I know it wasn't my fault but I can't help but think it is.. If only there was something I could do.. If only."

He wraps his arms around England in return. "I know what you could do.."

"What? What can I do?" He doesn't let go.

"Be my eyes.. My beautiful eyes. See for me." He says softly.

He blinks. "See for you.." He looks up at France suddenly, pulling away from the hug slightly to look up at him. "Francis that's it!"

"What?" He tries to look down at the other.

A plan suddenly comes to mind and England let's go completely. "I know how to get your sight back." He holds France's hands in his own.

He chuckles softly at that. "Well, can you tell me what it is?"

He shakes his head. "No, I'd rather show than tell." He squeezes his hands gently before cupping France's face in his hands gently. "Francis, I need you to smile. Not hard, right?"

"Not hard at all. But I think it would be easier to smile if you told me."

"Well then you please smile?" He chuckles softly. "Or do I have to stretch your cheeks?"

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