Part 11

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I had only just finished doing my make-up and unpacking my bags when I heard someone knock on my door. I did one last check in my mirror pulling my red dress down a wee bit before heading over and opening it.

"Hello" Eugene said, He looked me up and down taking in my outfit his eyes widening slightly as a sweet smile appeared on his face instead of his usual smirk.

"Hey" I said nervously.

"You look beautiful" He bit his lip as he stepped out of my way so I could exit the apartment.

"Thanks, you don't look too bad yourself" He faked a hurt expression and just like that all the awkward tension was gone and we were joking around with a bit of flirtatious banter.

"What do I do if one of the guys asks where I am?" Eugene questioned as we pulled into the parking lot of a fancy restaurant.

"Do you hang out with anyone else?" I raised one eyebrow.

"I actually don't have any other friends" He laughed before telling a waitress he had reservations.

"Don't be sarcastic with me" I pouted.

"You look cute when you pull that face" He opened a menu.

"Aw, I'll remember that next time I want something"

"You're a dick you know that Y/N" he shook his head at me, so I poked my tongue out which was something I was beginning to do a lot. 

I really wasn't sure what I wanted to order, so I just stuck with the classic order of a simple burger and Eugene ordered the same.

"So do you really enjoy stealing my orders?" He joked

"How do I know you're not stealing mine?" I sassed right back

"Good question"

About fifteen minutes our orders came "You have a mark on your finger" Eugene said grabbing my hand as I tried to get the salt.

"Oh yeah, I was curling my hair and Hugo tried to catch the wire, that I guess was swinging back and forth and he pulled the curler thing out of my and and I tried to catch that and I burnt my hand" By the end of my story he was laughing he heart out "You are so supportive"

"I know I am" He held my hand up to has face and kissed the bright red mark "Do you feel better now?"

"Much better thank you" I smiled, upset that he had made me blush yet again his phone started to ring.

"Sorry I better get that, its Ned he'll wonder where I am" I nodded at him we had agreed it would be better to keep this secret, especially because we weren't aloud to date work rules. "Hello" He answered not bothering to leave the table which I was fine with.

"Hey, You wanna come out for drinks?" Ned asked I could here him talking even though the phone wasn't on speaker. God he is really loud isn't he.

"No I'm busy" Eugene spoke smiling at me as I raised an eyebrow.

"I have never heard of you turning down drinks" Ned said confused.

"I'm drinking now" His eyes traveled to his whiskey filled glass.

"With who?"

"I'm on a date, I have to go" My cheeks light up again as he said 'date.'

"WHAT?!?!" Ned screamed though the phone. In response Eugene just hung up.

"So... its a date now?" I asked cheekily biting my burger and hiding behind it so he couldn't see my smirk.

"Its always been a date hasn't it?" He looked worried.

"I don't know has it?" I nodded my head as I spoke.

"I want to say yes

"Then yes and Its going nicely" I smirked.

"I didn't need you to tell me its going nicely I can tell from the way you're smiling" He laughed under his breath as he spoke.

"Little bit cocky" I poked my tongue out and he did the same thing right back.

After paying for our meal even though I was against it, Eugene drove me home and walked me to my door he gave me a quick kiss but I kept his lips on mine.

"Thanks for tonight" Eugene said pulling away from my lips.

"No you don't have to thank me, I was about to thank you" I pulled him back to me and after having a heated make-out session on my door step Eugene pulled away.

"I should go" He smiled.

"Okay thanks for everything, I guess I'll see you on Monday"

"Yeah see you then" He gave me a peck on the cheek and made his way down the huge flight of stairs that belonged to my apartment building.

I came into work walking beside my new kind of partner and the first thing I heard was Ned yelling "Eugene went on a date last night!" making every single person turn around and look at us as we entered and I had to pretend to be shocked as well.

"Really?" Keith said running over with every one else to ask questions because we don't have any privacy in this office.

"OMG is she pretty?" Ashly asked over excited.

"Shes beautiful" He smirked quickly looking right into my eyes before turning somewhere else trying to get away from his new crowd of fan girls but the last question I heard that made me go bright red.

"Is she your girlfriend yet?"Keith asked.


Hey guys hows it going, I know I say it every chapter but you are all amazing and I can't express how much I appreciate all the reads votes and comments and I wanted to say that I try reply to all your comments but I think that sometimes my 'haha'  message isn't needed so I just wanted to thank you and say If I don't reply to a comment Its not that  don't love you its just I feel like my comment is unneeded. Also I posted so soon because one I love you and two I'm going away to visit some family and there will be no internet so I am so sorry. Wow long A/N today but yeah any way I love you until next time. 

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