Love Hearts

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AN: where everytime you're around your crush hearts start rapidly popping up and they stop being so rapid when you get into a relationship with them n shit. So phil's family invites dan's family over occasionally and blah blah first dinner party phil sees dan and falls in love and is having trouble hiding the hearts and shit and all that clichè crap

Warnings: i dont think there's any

Relationship status: getting together, friends to lovers


July 10, 1998

"Phil! Remember that we're having a dinner party at 7 with the Howells." His mum loudly reminded him as he ran up the stairs. He didn't need reminding, he wanted to play Pokemon. And he had a lot of homework. He threw his bag on the bed and started taking out his homework.

*2 hours later*

"Phil! Get ready! The Howells will be arriving soon." Phil's mum yelled from downstairs. Phil got up from the bed and put on a blue collared shirt. He went down the stairs and sat at the table. He doorbell rang as he sat. "Perfect timing." Phil's dad opened the door with Phil's mum and his chikdren following him. "Mr. and Mrs. Howell! Nice to meet you." He could hear his dad greet. "Nice to meet you to, Mr. Lester." He could hear another male great. "This is Adrian," Mrs. Howell pointed at a 1 year old boy who has his fist in his mouth. "And this is Dan." She then pointed at a boy witn hrown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Phil smiled at him and Dan just blushed. "Dan's a little shy." He informed them. "Well, this is Martyn," she pointed at a boy who was a few years older than Phil. "And this is Phil." Her finger was directly pointed at him. Dan turned into a brighter shade of red. "Come on in." Phil's mum requested. She led them to the dining table.

Dan sat across Phil. "Help yourselves." Phil's dad told them. A few minutes later, the adults started talking about work. Dan and Phil sat in silence. Phil decided to start a conversation as it was getting too awkward between them. "So, Dan." He said silently. "What do you like doing?" Dan looked up. "I occasionally like to draw. I usually draw Pokemon." He said, blushing lightly. They got into a deep conversation about Pokemon and other stuff. Until, Phil suddenly felt something gently kick his leg.

He looked straight at Martyn with a rude face. 'I'm not kicking your leg.' He mouthed. Martyn was right; the kicks were way too gentle to be Martyn. "Excuse me for a moment." He polietly said to Dan. He left and ran towards the bathroom. He looked down and was suprised with what he saw. "What the hell is this!?" He gasped. There was a blue heart repeatedly bumping into his leg. "Ms. Hayes said something about this." He thought out loud. He couldn't exactly remember what she said, but all he remembered was that they will randomly appear. He sighed and went back to the table where Dan was just finishing up.

"We'll be off then." Mrs. Howell told them. "Thank you for the lovely dinner. Invite us over again." Mr. Howell requested. "We definitely will." Agreed Phil's mum. "Bye Phil." Dan said gently. "Bye Dan." He said back. They hugged and pulled away. Dan's family left.

"Phil, sweetie." Phil's mum gently tapped on his shoulder. "Martyn informed me about something kicking your leg. Is there a heart?" Phil nodded and lifted up his right leg. The blue heart was still there. His mum smirked. "Phil, have you ever heard of love hearts?" His dad asked. He shook his head. "If you get a hear, that means you like someone. If it's yellow, you only like them a little. If it's blue, you'd love them alot. If it's red, you're in a relationship with them." His mum informed. "Is he taking a liking to that Dan boy?" Martyn chuckled. Phil slightly frowned. Their mum glared at him. "It actually is Dan." He told his mum. "We're definitely gonna invite them over again." Martyn continued.

*Howell residence*

"Mum, there's a blue heart flying next to me, what's happening?" He asked his mum. "Are you starting to like somebody?" Dan remembered Phil. The way his eyes electrified him. Theyw ere so blue, you could swim in them. "I think it was Phil." He told her. "I think it's time I told you about love hearts."

January 29, 1999

"Are you sure you only want to invite them?" Phil's mum asked. "Mum, I just want something simple." He reminded her. "Okay. Well, do you want the Howells over again?" His mum asked again. A blue heart popped up. "Y-yeah." He said, looking at the heart. "Okay." His mum chuckled. Phil can't wait to introduce his friends to Dan.

January 30, 1999

Phil sat in the lounge with his friends, Justin and Tina. They were watching Buffy. The doorbell rang. "I'll get it." Phil told them. He opened the door and "Dan!" He suddenly yelled in excitement. He hugged him. "Come in." He took his hand and led him to the lounge. "Guys, this is Dan. Dan this is Justin and Tina." Dan blushed. "Hey Dan." Tina greeted. "Sup." Justin greeted as well. Dan walked towards them, smiling. A heart suddenly popped up next to him. Phil gasped and threw it in a nearby garbage bin. Phil walked towards them. This is gonna be tough hiding them he thought.

February 14, 2010

Dan and Phil both have become Youtubers. Dan is visiting Phil today. Phil sat down on his sofa reading a book. "Phil?" He heard Dan's voice as he unlocked the door. 5 hearts appeared next to Phil. He hurriedly hid them under a cushion. "Hey Dan." He said, hiding even more love hearts. "Thought you weren't here for a second." He said, entering Phil's flat. Dan sat down beside him. "I'm gonna go to the bathroom." He informed, standing up. He raced to the bathroom; love hearts had teleported to him.

Should I tell him? He thought, thinking about the consequences. But what if you lose him forever? What if he doesn't like me back? What if he's straight? Rushed through his head. He really didn't want to be alone again on Valentine's Day. He only started to notice the millions of hearts that piled up behind him. He quickly gathered a bunch and threw them out the window. He flushed a few down the toilet. He can't do it yet. He just can't lose someone this important to him. He left with a sigh.

He walked back to the couch and saw Dan with his hands on a pillow. "What're you doing?" He asked. "I was grabbing the pillow." Dan simply replied. "Well, what do you wanna do?" He asked again, making sure none of those hearts appear again.

-hours later idrk what theyd be doing tbh im sorry dont kill me-

Phil has done a successful job in hiding them. Dan hasn't even noticed. "I'm just gonna go get something from my bedroom." He told Dan. He ran to his bedroom; more hearts were appearing by the minute. He placed them into the closet with all of his hearts in. The closet was about to burst; it was filled with thousands of hearts. He groaned and fell on his bed. Maybe I should tell him today? No, I settled this earlier. He thought.

His mind was racing with thoughts that he didn't realize that he spent 15 minutes in his room. "Phil?" Dan hopefully said, knocking on the door. "Y-yeah?" He replied nervously. "You've been in there for a while, are you okay?" He asked. "E-everything's fine." He reassured. He tried hiding the hearts that were appearing rapidly under his bed. "That doesn't sound like okay, I'm coming in." He said firmly. Phil decided to suck it up and let the hearts show themselves if he can't hide them.

Dan burst through the door and looked at the hearts in surprise. He then smiled and let out a quiet chuckle. "Phil, I-" "It's fine if you don't like me back." Phil cut him off. Dan sighed and grabbed Phil's hand and led him to the living room. He took off the pillow he had under his hands earlier. And to Phil's surprise, there were at least 60 hearts under there. Dan smiled at him and he smiled back. The next thing came by surprise; Phil had planted his lips on Dan's. And Dan kissed back. When they pulled away, they could only say 'I love you' for the next few minutes.

They fell asleep cuddled up on Phil's sofa.

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