Getting Your Story Featured

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Hello, Collective!

Have you published a story in the paranormal genre on Wattpad and would now like to see it featured on the Paranormal profile?

Then wonder no more, because our reading lists are OPEN!

Below are the guidelines for the Paranormal Community reading lists. Please read them carefully to avoid any hitches in the submission process.

Important Information Before You Submit

Reader-appropriate: Ensure content is properly rated -- mark it 'Mature' if deemed suitable for ages 17+ only. Note that there certain extreme themes stated in the Wattpad Guidelines we cannot accept.

Originality: Stories must be original work. Plagiarism is not tolerated anywhere on Wattpad.

Profile-appropriate: Story must have a paranormal/supernatural theme and be correctly categorised. If your story is paranormal horror, please make sure you at least have the #paranormal tag listed.

Exceptions will be made for short stories or poetry, or appropriate non-fiction/random books.

How Do I Get My Story Featured?

Quality: Ensure your entry has good grammar and an appropriate cover.

Completed: Stories that are completed are preferred, though stories that are not completed should be updated within the last three months. Please let us know if this is the case.

Substantial: Stories should have at least three chapters of suitable length. Exceptions will be made for Short Stories and Poetry.

Stand-alone: We will only be accepting the first book in a series. We also do not feature excerpts or fanfiction.

How Do I Submit?

Once you know which reading list you'd like to apply for, fill out this form.

You are welcome to submit your favourite books on Wattpad on behalf of the author, whereby the author themselves reserves the right to send us a private message requesting their book be removed from our lists.


To avoid hitches in the process, please do read this page carefully and direct questions to our inbox. We ask that do not just send us links via PM, as you will be politely reminded to fill out the proper form.

Our guidelines exist to ensure the smooth addition of quality paranormal works on our reading lists. If you feel your work belongs on our profile, get in touch!

 If you feel your work belongs on our profile, get in touch!

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We hope to see your submission soon.

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