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Ok so I'm sorry I haven't been updating a lot. I've been a little stressed out cuz my parents are getting divorced and my dad is kinda pressuring me to visit him, but anyway... I need help deciding on a couple things. Here they are:

When/if Sasuke's attitude changes

I need there to be more enemies at the wave bridge mission in order to reveal Naruto's skill (cough, cough, bloodline that no one else in his family has) or if he reveals it at all

I also need some help with coming up with new jutsu

I also need a name for Naruto's bloodline (it copies everything from taijutsu to Chakra control and bloodlines but I don't have a name)

Should Naruto be sent on a secondary mission to kill Gato in wave?

Should Kakashi's relationship with Minato + Kushina change because of the whole forgetting 1 out of 2 children?

I think that's it for now but it I have anything else I'm not sure of I will let you guys know



P.S. The pic is a little spoiler from the end of the manga, but I need to rant just a bit......I CAN'T BELIEVE SASUKE ACTUALLY SAID THAT I MEAN, COME ON!!! You should see what the did to each other during that fight (nothing sexual you dirty boys I meant injury wise like a broken arm and stuff like that) Anyway, thanks again!

P.P.S. It just occurred to me that a lot of you guys probably haven't finished the manga (I know the anime's not done I mean they put Naruto on death's door and went to fillers for the 2nd Chunin Exams like 30 episodes. WHO DOES THAT?!?!) so I will recommend to you guys a very reliable website that should let you guys finish the whole series of 700 chapters. (And to think they are gonna make a new series where it features the kids of the current ones. I'm not gonna read/watch it. They need to just stop) the website is www.mangapanda.com All you gotta do is type in what you wanna read and start at the chapter you left off at so.....yeah. So I hope this helps. Thanks again!!!

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