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" Your trying to kill me, and my entire blood line." He screamed throwing the bed in the air, flipping over the tables.

" You want the truth or a lie, your pick." I laughed, it amazed me how angry he's becoming.

" For a wolf, who doesn't know how to do much, or anything. You like to play with fire." He sneered.

" There want be anymore fire, when I extinguish it." I turned around for a moment smirking to myself.

I jumped around, as if this was a game. Only to gasp when, his scent hit me full force. I slowly trailed my eyes, up his rock hard body.

I honestly hate, feeling this way towards him. As if I was iron and he's the magnet. The way his shirt fit tightly against his body, I finally tailed my eyes back towards his face, from his soft pink lips.

My train of thought stop once I seen the color in his eyes, well let me rephrase that, their weren't any color in his eyes. They were black, almost like an empty hole only with a spark.

" Uh oh I pissed off the wrong bloodsucker." I mumbled to myself.

Before I could breathe again I was thrown against the wall, " Fuck." I screamed as I hit the back of my head. Of course he was in front of me, before I could blink. Perks of being a vampire.

" Listen to me." He pinned my body against the wall gripping my throat.

" You will stop trying to destroy us. Me. Your fucking mate. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean, kill it off." He gripped my throat tighter.

I refuse to show fear, or anything of that nature. If there's anything I learned, it was to turn my emotions off.

" What do you... do when you see- see a demon wolf on... Your land." I struggled to speak.

" Ask why he or she is crossing my lands, then kill it." He spoke, proudly.

" Exactly. I asked why you were on my land, since you decided to ignore me.... I'm going to kill you." I kneed him in the stomach, flipping him on his back.

" I see someone's being training." He smirked looking up from the ground, into my eyes.

" If you'll excuse me, I have to kill of an entire generation." I blew him a kiss, walking towards the door.

" Baby girl." He whispered.

" What!" I yelled turning around. I looked down to the ground were he last was, only for him to be gone, he was no were to be found. " I don't have time to play hide and seek with you right now!" I threw a chair.

" Adrian." I could hear his voice again. This time it made the hairs on my neck stand up.

" I'm leaving, your being creepy." I whispered.

I walked towards the door, moving the chair he pushed against it. I pulled the door open full forced.

" Boo." He smirked leaning against the door frame, only inches away from me. My heart started to race, not because I was scared... well maybe a little, but it made me hot. From yelling at me, to trying to scare me, I'm actually burning up

If I were to move my lips even slightly they would touch his. I stared at him for a moment, looking from his eyes to his lips. I knew he knew I was turn on, he amazingly knows a lot more about me, then I do myself. " Are you- " He grabbed my neck forcing me to kiss him, cutting me short of my sentence.

I was inside my own world with this kiss, it was heart shattering honestly. I could feel my knees buckling, on the verge of falling, he reached his Arms out gripping, and pulling my body closer to his.

I pulled away, because now I'm seriously hot. "I'm hot." I panted.

" You and me both." He reached for me again.

" No, I'm hot. Im burning up." I started to pant.
I felt like heated needles were being stabbed into my body all over the place. Slowly.

I felt like my eyes were rolling backwards, I was getting a headache. I could hear my own heart beat, it only made everything worse, because my ears were becoming sensitive. I felt the need to cry, but I do better as the future Alpha female.

" Look at me." He said. " Why are you screaming." I kept my head down covering my ears, falling against the door.

Since the door was open I tripped and fell on the ground, and that's when everything started to become a blur.

" Blake help-help me..... Please." I squeeze my eyes extremely tight. I felt as my inside were moving.

Then everything went numb, I kept my eyes shut. Scared to see what was happening. I could hear bones popping out of place, maybe they were mine I wasn't sure at this moment. I couldn't feel anything.

" Adrain baby." I could hear Blake whispering next to me.

" What's going on." I whispered

" I think you shifted, but something's wrong." His voiced was laced with confusion.

I could hear people several houses down, Mainly my parents. Screaming my name.

I quickly open my eyes, silently thanking god it was dark, not only did I feel as my eyes were sensitive, even the smallest light in the corner hurt to look at. I looked down my body only to see I was still in human form.

" If I shifted, why am I in human form?" I raised my eyebrows, turning my head towards him.

For a moment he froze, staring at me, like I was the only thing inside the room. It was weird. " What is it." I panicked.

" Something's wrong." He said, the only thing is, he didn't say it out loud he was mind linking my parents, but why can I hear it?

" Your eyes." He whispered.

" What about my eyes?" I asked turning my head towards the broken mirror. I gasped, as my arms started to shake. My eyes, my eyes, my eyes were pure red. Blood red, but that's wasn't the only creep thing about them. They were also gold.

" I don't think your just an Alpha."  Blake said aloud.

No shit...

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