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February 2016

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February 2016

She was the girl who told me that words aren't just words for her.

She was the girl who always orders coffee and forgets she ordered it because she's just too immersed in reading her favorite book.

She was the girl I kissed in an open field like Spiderman kissed Mary Jane.

She was the girl who told me that the moon fell out of the sky, told me that I was her moon.

She was the girl who wrote and read me poetry, that when she spoke, it's as if wild flowers were coming out of her mouth.

This girl, who transferred in our town one summer day— changed me and the course of my life forever.

She inspired me to use my pain and transform it to art, to see life and love in a different perspective, to dream and to hope. She's the one who discovered my passion, the one who encouraged me to keep drawing and to never give up on it. It led me to this—comic strip, eventually it became a webtoon that many readers adore now. She led me here. She made me realize that I have a craft I can offer and share to the world. She saw the beauty in my sketches and drafts when I hid it from everyone. She saw the potential despite all the failures and mistakes that I have committed.

A lot of my readers have been asking me: "Who or what inspired you to draw Nebula?", and my replies are always vague, twisted or half meant.

I guess, it's time to go back to where it all happened, so I can finally give the characters and the story justice. It's time to give the final piece, the reason why I created this, and who it was really meant for. 

I have to admit, I'm not a hopeless romantic. I've always been the realist, while she was the dreamer. And I guess, it was what balanced both of us when were still together. She was my wings, while I was her own version of gravity. She made me touch the sky, while I gave her the experience of walking on land.

She was my very own "Nebula"-- the courageous girl in our own little space, our own galaxy of meteor dust. 

But , it's been five years since I last saw her. I still don't know where she is. And I still can't bring myself to hate her or forget about her. She just gave me so many reasons to hold on. I guess no one is at fault of what became of us.

And every time I draw Nebula with Neptune, I wonder... I wonder if the girl who inspired me to do all of this is already a novelist. I wonder if her own dreams came to be. I wonder if she's already the woman that I always imagined her to become.

Anyway, my name is Ace Campbell.

I am Neptune.

I am Neptune

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