Chapter 16: Just Admit It

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"So, do you know what Nayeon has been up to lately?" I casually asked Seulgi over lunch.

"Hm? I don't know, why do you ask?"

"Umm well for the past few days, I haven't been able to walk home with her since she's always staying after school and she's not even having lunch with us today."

"Well look," Seulgi pointed behind me, "She's right there buying lunch." Yeah she was there, but Yongguk was right next to her. While she paid for her lunch, he was picking out utensils for the both of them. I looked across the cafeteria and saw Youngjae trying to get Yongguk's attention, but he didn't look his way. Instead of taking a seat at one of the tables, the two left the cafeteria and went outside.

"Did you just see that?" I turned around to face Seulgi again, "Why are they going off together?"

Seulgi started smiling but then tried to put her face back to normal, "Does it matter?"

I ran my fingers through my hair, "No it doesn't matter....but I'm just curious."

"If you're so curious, ask Yongguk what's going on."

"Mmmmm no, if I ask him, he might think I have a problem with him hanging out with another girl."

Seulgi arched her eyebrow and I could feel that she was giving me a skeptical look but I didn't want to make eye contact with her, "Ask Nayeon then."

If I wanted to know what was going on, I knew that the obvious answer was to ask one of them, but I still felt iffy about doing it......Ok fine.


When we got back from lunch, I already saw Yongguk in his desk immersed, writing in his notebook. He tapped his pencil on the desk and he looked like he was trying to solve a calculus problem. I was planning to sit next to him for a while and talk but Himchan already took the seat next to him.

"Hey Yongguk, where-"

"Hold on, can you not bother me right now. I'm trying to focus on something," Yongguk shut Himchan out and began scribbling in his notebook again.

"Were you about to go and talk to him?" I jumped a little when I saw Zelo take the seat in front of me.

"Yeah, I just wanted to talk to him a bit before class started. But it looks like he doesn't want to be bothered." I replied.

Zelo rolled his eyes at my response, "I'm sure Yongguk has time for you."

"But recently it doesn't feel like that." Wow I wanted to slap myself a little bit for admitting that but I guess I was just getting really used to how Yongguk annoyed me. Ok I sound lame.

"You two are both really annoying," Zelo muttered under his breath.


While walking, I was lucky to find Nayeon in the hallway, "Hi Nayeon."

"Hi Jieun, what's up?"

"Um I was just wondering...what have you been up to lately?" I hope I didn't sound creepy when I asked that.

"Nothing much, just school and stuff." Ok this isn't getting me anywhere fast.

"You and Yongguk have been hanging out together, right?"

"Oh Yongguk!" Once I mentioned his name, she had a big smile on, "Yongguk and I are--oh hold on, someone's calling me." She took out her phone from her bag and answered it, leaving me on a cliff hanger. "Sorry, I have to go now. I'll see you tomorrow, maybe. Bye~"

I watched as she sped down the hall. But she didn't finish answering my question TnT

--next day--

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