The Neighbors Son

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My family and I... We're not from around here. We had to move here because my dad got a promotion in his job, so we were kind of forced to come here. I was nervous at first, but it didn't really bother me anymore. I was staring out the window, listening to music, when my little brother asked if he could listen to it too.

"No. Now shut up," I muttered quietly, and pushed his hand away. Trent looked up at me with angry eyes, and crossed his arms.

"You're stupid. Why won't you let me listen?" He asked, and rolled his eyes.

"It's my iPod, and I don't have to let you do anything,"

"Says you! Moooooooom!"

"Cadence, let him listen," My mom says without even looking up. I groaned as Trent snatched my iPod out of my hands and began playing Angry Birds on it. He stuck his tongue out at me, and continued playing the game.

I crossed my arms, and continued to stare out the window. I soon saw the sign where it welcomes us into the town of Huntington, and I sighed. I've heard very little about this town, and what I did know about it was that this town was close knit with everyone and didn't like newcomers. I gulped as we passed a few stores, and saw people glaring at us. Their eyes were vicious, and didn't look very friendly.

Only a few more miles until we're at our house, and then this nightmare will be over, I thought to myself. I fiddled with my fingers, and continued to think. I didn't want to move. If I had a choice, I probably would've stayed up there with my friends and people I cared about most. If only my dad didn't have this stupid promotion...

We pulled up into our new driveway, and Trent and my family all got out, and got everything out of the trunk. I stayed in the car, not wanting to accept the fact that this was my new home. I sighed, and got out of the car after 30 minutes, and slowly crept up to my house.

I went inside the house, and went over to the window that was in the living room. I sat down and plugged my ear phones in as Trent came rushing down the stairs, pushing past our mom. My mom brushed off her pants, and smiled at me.

"I'm going to go see if the neighbors have any blankets and pillows we can borrow, since our stuff won't be here till tomorrow," My mom suggested, and grabbed Trents hand and went out the front door.

I watched out the window as I saw my mom knock on our neighbors door. The neighbors house was creepy looking, and it didn't look too inviting. I took my eyes off of my mom, and then saw a boy staring out their window a story above. I quickly ducked my head down as I made eye contact with the boy. My mom thanked the neighbors and started heading back to my house.

My mom walked through the front door, and smiled at me. "They seem friendly," She put the stuff the down, and went upstairs to help my dad out. Trent was playing with his toy, and I looked over at him.

"So who answered the door?" I asked. My brother squinted his eyes at me when he looked up from playing with his toy.

"Some creepy dude. I don't know. He was weird though. He has an accent too!"

I smirked. "Did you happen to see a boy?"

"No... Why?"


"You're weird, Cadence,"

"I know," I stood up, and went to the kitchen. I needed a drink. I turned the faucet on and drank from it. Once I finished drinking, I looked out the window again. The boy wasn't there...

How odd.

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