Chapter 12

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“I haven’t even thought of a name!” I stressed as Zane pulled up at the front of the local hospital. I was gripping my stomach and hoping for the best … I was really bloody nervous because it seemed so early!

“Gabi you’re in labor and you’re worrying about baby names? What’s wrong with you?!” Zane glanced at me nervously.

“I don’t want a nameless baby … any suggestions?” I asked quickly as Zane got of the car leaving his door wide open coming to the other side to get me.

“Zane Junior?” He grinned sheepishly.

“That’s not funny Zane.” I hissed and slapped his arm.

Zane took me inside and I was taken in to a room straight away where they changed me in to a gown and asked me if I wanted an epidural. I shook my head no. “Ma’am are you sure you don’t want any pain medication?” the nurse asked.

“I’m quite sure!” I snapped back her as more pains coursed through my body. That was a little harsher that I had planned for it to be. “Sorry I didn’t mean to sound rude … I just decided a while ago that I wanted to do this naturally with out any drugs.” I explained in a nicer tone then before. She nodded her head and smiled at me knowingly.

“I understand …” she paused and looked at my chart. “Gabrielle.” She smiled again and then walked out of the room and started talking to the doctor who was about to enter the room.

“Gab?” I looked up to see Zane standing at the door with a nervous look on his face.

“Come here.” I smiled.

He walked in and took my hand. He let me abuse the crap at out him while I was having contractions and he let me squeeze the life out of his hand. Three hours later and a beautiful little boy with bright green eyes just like Riley and dark brown hair like me. He was just amazing, even if he reminded me of Riley every time I looked at him. He still wriggled around in my arms and whimpered. The nurse took him away to clean him up and wrap him in a blanket.

“He’s amazing.” Zane whispered next to me as we watched the nurse wrap the baby in a blanket. “I … uh called Riley…” Zane surprised me with that one, I hadn’t seen or heard from Riley since he came by to pick up his belongs that I had thrown over the banister that night he hooked up with Lissa.

“Why?” I asked, I was feeling exhausted and the last thing I wanted to deal with was my ex-boyfriend.

“I ah … dunno but he didn’t answer so you don’t have to worry.” He smiled reassuringly. I scowled at Zane and slapped his arm.

“That was mean!” I frowned and he chuckled.

“Sorry baby. I’m so proud of you.” He cooed and kissed the top of my head and the nurse came back over with the baby and placed him in my arms. He was just a few minutes old and he was still nameless.

“Look at him! Isn’t he just amazing?” I smiled as I kissed the top of the babies head. I glanced as Zane and he was looking at the baby admiringly. “Would you like to hold him?” I asked quietly. He nodded his head and stood up.

“Make sure you support his head.” I reminded him.

“He sure does look like Riley.” Zane mumbled.

“He looks a bit like you Zane, you and Riley are practically twins.” I bit my lip. I didn’t want him to think of himself as Unlce Zane. He was daddy. “You’re his daddy not Riley.” I said sternly.

Two days later

I’ve had approximately six million visitors since our nameless little baby was born. We still don’t have a name but Zane has made at least twelve million suggestions each and every on of them with the middle name Zane. Benjamin Zane, Cooper Zane, Hayden Zane, Wallis Zane, Zane junior.

“Seriously Zane if you don’t stop saying your name I’m going to chop off your tongue!” I snapped as I cradled the baby.

“How about Oswald?”

I laughed where does he come up with these names?

“Daniel?” he suggested.

“Actually I quite like that…” I replied.

“Daniel James.” He said with a smile.

“I love that Zane, it’s doesn’t have your name in it.” I smiled laughing quietly, the baby was falling asleep.

“We could call him DJ for short.”

“I think I’d like that.”

“Well if you’re happy then it’s settled. Daniel James.” He leaned over and ran a finger over Daniel’s cheek.

“It’s perfect. Daniel James…” I cooed.

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