Chapter 2: A Strange Remark

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(A/N): I really wish I posted this earlier...I got too wrapped up in my other story that I kept forgetting to post more chapters to this story!! I will update more frequently now since I'm not as busy.

The picture above is the attire you find in the trash XD


Your P.O.V.

I awoke from my somewhat peaceful sleep the next morning to hear some type of mumbling right next to where I was laying. I used my elbows to prop myself up enough to see what was going on. I quirked an eyebrow in confusion when I saw it was Yato; he seemed to be talking in his sleep. This was the reason why I was blushing? I rolled my eyes and nudged him a bit on his side to wake him up. Still not awake. This time I scoffed and decided to take drastic measures. I climbed up the stairs to the shrine and sat right next to where he was sleeping. I was really tempted to slap him in the face right then and there, but I hesitated when my hand was in the air. Right now, my face was somewhat close to his and I could see his soft, pink lips. I could smell that amazing sweet smell that he carries once again. I saw his chest rising and slowing, he seemed to stop talking in his sleep now, and his lips parted. He had such a beautiful face. I was mesmerized...

Little did I know, this meant that he was about to wake up. His eyes opened slowly and his deep blue irises focused on my emerald green ones. 

"(Y/n)? You..."

My eyes widened when I realized what the situation was, and I pushed him down the stairs of the shrine. I saw his body collide on the concrete ground with a thump. Yato sat up in an upright position rubbing the huge exaggerated bump on his head. 

"Ugh...What was that for?!" he groaned.  

I looked down at Yato quite irritated when he turned to look at me. 

"Look, I was trying to wake you up okay? You were talking in your sleep, it was pretty annoying," I seethed. 

He grunted in response when he stood up on his two feet. 

"Whatever, let's get going, I'll go show you where there's better clothes for you to wear," he said. 

You got up in a slight haste and followed behind. 


~I'm going to re-write the first part from Yato's pov, if you want to skip it, find the next couple asterisks in bold~ ****** (But I do recommend reading it) 

I was having a wonderful dream about all the wonders of being a famous god etc. etc., until I heard (Y/n) tossing and turning in her sleep. Was she having a bad dream? I was just about to go over and wake her until she woke up. I quickly pretended I was still talking in my sleep. I saw in the corner of my eye that she was coming toward me. Luckily, she didn't notice that my eyes where barley open. What was she doing? Suddenly, I felt a painful nudge on my rib. It was very hard not to wince. For a small girl, she was pretty strong. After that, I saw (Y/n) raise her hand up into the air. Was she gonna slap me? I panicked and decided to stop 'talking' in my sleep to see if that was the problem. I saw her beautiful emerald eyes soften right away. Wait, beautiful?  Her hand slowly was loosing it's tension and she lowered it down to the ground. She leaned in a bit closer to me until her wavy brown locks brushed against my face. It tickled; I used all my willpower to not make my face twitch that much. After a while, she just sat there; I think she was staring at my face. It made me a bit uncomfortable and awkward, so I just decided to 'wake up.' I opened my eyes slowly to make it look realistic. Her face was now really  close to mine; I don't even know what to say at this point..I felt like I was going to explode.

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