Chapter 38 ~Swimming

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Chrissy POV:

A few months ago I would've been sitting at home and texting not going out and just watching the ocean waves. I never knew they could be so calming, or that the sunset could be so beautiful. That's the thing now a days everyone sits around and never watches these things, I can't believe I'm a actually admitting this but nature is beautiful. It's a beautiful cloudy day for just sitting here on the beach watching the waves flow by. I still couldn't smile after all that blood. That's all I could really think about right now. I felt someone sit next to me and I could tell that it was Embry.

"Hey you okay?" He asked

"How'd you know it was me sitting here?" I asked. I was wearing a hoodie with the hood up.

"I don't know, I guess I just knew."

"Oh." He waited a few minutes before saying something else.

"I heard what happened, the story you told everyone. That didn't really happen you were with me when,"

"Embry I know that, your mom knows that but nobody else does so please don't tell anyone." I told him I haven't even looked at him yet.

"Chrissy, what really happened? Why did you lie?"

"Because I just did."

"But why, are you trying to protect someone?"

"No, I'm not, it's just what really happened, I can't." I sighed

"Why didn't you tell the truth?" He asked me. I could feel his eyes on me and that made me nervous.

"Nobody would believe it." I stated

"I would, if you told me."

"But I can't" I felt my eyes water, I want to tell him the truth.

"And that's alright, if you could, I would believe you because I know you're telling the truth." I sniffled


"Because I know when your lying"

"No you don't." He can't know when I'm lying, my own parents can't even tell when I'm lying!

"Yes I do. You look anywhere than my eyes, your hands occupy themselves trying to 'act natural'" this time I had to look at him and I raised my eyebrow

"Okay then, name one time I've lied to you."

"Um, when you said you were a lesbian." I stopped and looked at him


"When you told us, you couldn't even look us in the eyes and you were messing with your hamburger." I looked at him tilting my head

"You are very observant" he chuckled

"Well I've always been, having to know what's wrong with Quil and Jacob. I tell you they just sit there glumly or pouting until you ask what's wrong and then they won't tell so you have to guess what's wrong." He replied

"Really? So you're like sidekick?"

"No, I just I know what someone does to be happy or lie or being sad, if that makes sense."


"Well kinda is better than no so." He said trailing off. I looked at him. Like really looked at him. He's bigger than before, buffer, cuter. Maybe he's working out to compete with Jared and Paul? He doesn't need to though.



"Why are you suddenly so big? Like buff?" I asked him he looked at me and frowned obviously confused.

"I'm buff? Really? I didn't notice." He said okay he's being sarcastic with me!

"Embry look, you don't need to bulk up you look fine the way you are." I told him

"I'm not trying to bulk up."

"Embry come on, you don't just get big like that." I crossed my arms

"I'm not bulking up!"

"Okay, okay, I believe you." I said holding my arms up he glared and then smiled. Okay that's a creepy smile, stop it!

"Embry stop with that smile it's creeping me out." The smile got bigger "seriously stop!" Next thing I know I'm over his shoulder and he's running towards the water. "Put me down! Don't you dare Call!"

"I'm sorry I can't hear you, can you repeat that?" He asked. I could practically hear the smirk in his voice. I looked down to see he was knee deep in the water. I also saw that he's got a nice ass. I mean it's not showing but still. I was so distracted admiring his butt that I didn't notice he dropped me into the water until I couldn't breathe. I swam up and glared at him.

"Why!" I yelled he smiled and pulled me into a hug. When I didn't hug back he grabbed my arms and wrapped them around him. He pulled back but still held my hands, the sun shined on his face, giving his russet skin a beautiful glow. Oh look at me sounding like a romance novel again! But he looks so gorgeous! I just want to kiss No! I smiled back and pulled away.

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