Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

I woke up bright and early feeling refreshed I carefully snuck across into my room unnoticed and decided to go for a run in the park to clear my thoughts a bit. Eventually I got tired and sat on one of the benches as thought of my real dad being somewhere out there captured by Leon, how this man could be so heartless to his own brother. He was definitely jealous, but why blame my father he was innocent it wasn't his fault Leon was born with a mental disorder at a young age, it wasn't his fault that his parents died and left everything to my dad's name he was mentally stable and fully capable of managing the business.

Trying to put this puzzle together what I could decipher was that Leon must have come to New York after my grandparent's death and found out about my dad being the owner of the company, the party he hosted a couple days ago celebrated his ten years takeover of the company, but my mom died 12 years ago, that means he must have been in my dad's place even before my grandparent's demise. This meant that had it all planned out, he knew that with his mental illness he wouldn't get the company so he got my dad out of the picture but he kept my mom around as she was and excellent business woman he learnt a lot from her, when he done he simply disposed of her. However, the question still stood why didn't he kill me?

Why is that he was still keeping me alive? I couldn't possibly be an asset to his plot so why?

"Good morning beautiful you left bed without my permission." I looked up and saw Brody in a sweat shirt grey joggers and running shoes. He bent down and kissed my cheek.

"Hey good morning too you, I just had some thinking to do so I came here."

"What were you thinking about, it better be me." He said trying to lighten my mood. I laughed and said "You wish, but it's not you," faking a frown at him. He smirked at me and pulled me to my feet.

"C'mon lets go grab some breakfast,"

"Wait has Jean woken up as yet?"

"Yeah she did, she has a horrible hangover so she made an appointment to some spa she said to inform you that she'll be back around 3pm."

"Perfect!" I said cheerfully because after last night's revelations I just wanted to go back down there and find out more so we could get this thing over with.

We grabbed breakfast at a nearby café and we discussed what I was thinking about earlier. There were so many unanswered questions that left us in a state of bewilderment every time another question came to mind.

We came back home by 8:30 and Jean nowhere to be found which was perfect she must have left already. Yet our household staff we on cleaning duty today which meant that they might be in the office today. We had to work fast and smart being extra vigilant and careful as these workers were loyal bastards to their boss.

Brody and I showered together that morning and he left to meet Dr. Nancy to collect the DNA report as we needed to start gathering our evidence. He came back home within an hour's time and hid the report. It was time get back into the office and into that room to do some more digging around.

Blasted! These god damned workers were all over the house cleaning which made this extremely difficult to get back in there.

After 15 minutes of throwing an enormous tantrum with the worker cleaning the office ordering him to get me a new jar of Nutella because the jars in the pantry tasted like the scent of wet socks, he finally left. Who would think a stupid excuse like that could make someone listen to your orders. I felt bad afterwards because it wasn't in my nature to be rude to our household staff, they basically raised me after my mother passed away and I was left here with Jean and my alleged 'father'.

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