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Isabella pov

'Another test, be ready.' The voice returned.

'What now?' I mumbled.

'We are measuring your heart rate while you two are running on the treadmill.'

'Again?' Sergio said.

'How are you going to do that?' I said.

'It's just like the medical training you two get by your own football club.'

I groaned and the same door appeared where we went in before, for doing the exercise. I walked in and saw two women sitting on a chair next to the treadmill. They turned around and had a mask on, with a fake face.

'What is this? Scarface?' I said. Sergio chuckled, i wish i could laugh too but this really annoys me.

'Isabella you can change into a sport brah and put this things yourself by your breast and the rest we will do it.'
I nod and looked at Sergio that took his shirt off. My eyes went to his back, and when he turned around made me blush. Why am i looking, uggh.

When I'm done and put the plastic cirkel on my upperbreast where my heart is, so they can check my heartbeat and all that stuff. Mostly the doctors tell me how i'm progressing and give me tips how to take care more off my body but I really don't know how they will do it. I don't think it will be that way, they comparing me and Sergio so we won't hear any tips.

I stand on the treadmill and i'm forcing myself not to look at Sergio's upperbody. God really punished me.

'And because we know you two won't take this serious, we need to motivate you. So if you don't do what we're asking you to do, you will feel this.' The voice said.

'Feel what?' I said.
A shock went through my body, these bitches really just electro shocked me?
'Au!' I screamed. 'What the hell was that for!' Sergio also screamed.

'You can start, goodluck.' Said one of the ladies. I started to run and just run. After 10 minutes my heart pounded faster and my breath was a little heavier. They didn't gave us good food and we didn't got a good warming-up but they expect good results. My ass.

I slowed down a little and wanted to stop but again my whole body shocked.
'Uggh!' I groaned. 'Just run please.' Sergio whispered.

'I can't Sergio, my body isn't fit and can't handle it. I need a boost but they don't give it to us.' I said.

'Than we stop together.' He said. 'What?'

He took my hands and dragged me out off the treadmill. The electro shock was there again, i saw Sergio also fighting it and he pulled all off the plastic cirkles from me. I always forget how they call this, but thanks to these things we get the electro shock. While I didn't felt the electro shock anymore, Sergio fell on the floor and as fast as I could I pulled everything away from him. The ladies walked to me and wanted me to stop but I pushed them away so hard as i could. When i got all of the things off his body, i looked if he breaths normal and if his heartbeat was still beating and thank god he did.

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