Ch. 1

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Cassy's POV

"So basically what you're saying is that my blood makes hybrids?" I asked Lance.

"Well yeah I mean what do you get when you mix blue and red? Purple, although we haven't seen it yet we assume Kat can go into wolf form."

"Wow.... well okay can I see her?"

"She kind of needs her rest..." I glared at him. ".....but yea... totally.... go ahead.."

"Thanks!" I smile as I walk passed him.

I opened the door to Katherine's bedroom. There are no hospitals in the vampire world so the best thing to do is wait until it all heals on its own, there is only so much herbs and stuff can do. She was laying quietly staring at the ceiling.

"Kat?" I walked over and sat next to her.

"Hey." She smiled as she saw me. Her eyes at times would be purple, then red, then blue it seems like they were adjusting themselves trying to find the resting point.

"How are you feeling?"


"Did... they tell you?"


"You're not mad at me right?"

"What? No it will be different, but I'll have fun tackling you." She smiled.

"Of course you will." I rolled my eyes. "You really scared me though."

"I know." She wrapped her arms around my neck and placed a soft kiss on my lips. I could tell that took a lot for her to do.
"I love you." she whispered.

I felt my face get red and my heart flutter. "I love you too." I smiled.


"Come on hurry up!" I yelled.

"I'm trying! Running on all fours isn't something I'm used to!"

"Okay blame it on that." I laugh as Katherine pounced on me causing us to tumble down a hill.

We both laid on the soft grass laughing like idiots. This was Kat's first time running as a wolf. There were many moments where she would trip and I, as any normal person would do, laughed every time. She does have black fur but you can easily tell her apart from others because she has this little patch of white on her ear and tail, which looks adorable.

Kat yawned. "I could lay here all day."

"Me too."

"No serious I'm to tired to move."

"Oh wow." I laugh "So how are you adjusting to the change?"

"It's different but cool. I understand more things from a wolf's point of view."

"Well that's nice."


"Hey I just got to thinking, since you're one of the best fighters, what made you want to do that?"

Katherine just stared away for a moment as if replaying her memories.

"That's a long story."

"We've got time."

"Okay.. but let's go back first."

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