Lazy Day with Bucky

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"NO! DON'T MAKE ME!" Bucky screamed, jerking awake from a nightmare.

You sat up too. "What's wrong, Bucky?"

"Nothing....another nightmare." he replied, laying back down. You laid down too, putting your arms around him and rubbing circles on his back. You looked at the clock. It was 7:00.

"Hey, Buck, how about we have a lazy day?" you asked, trying to calm him down.

"Yeah, we can do that. But not yet, I want to cuddle." he said as he wrapped his arms around you, kissing your forehead. For a while, he was shaking. The nightmare must have been really bad if he was this shooken up.

About 10:00, Bucky got up to make breakfast. He was standing there, stretching, no shirt on. You looked at his muscular figure, and his silver arm glowing in the dark of the room. You couldn't help but to stare at his abs and perfect form...

He looked at you and then smirked. "Take a picture, it will last longer."

While Bucky made pancakes, you grabbed a huge blanket and some Disney movies. Then, you changed into a Doctor Who t-shirt and black sweatpants.

You walked into the kitchen and wrapped your arms around Bucky's waist. "Are you okay, Buckybear?" then kissed his shoulder. You knew he could get really upset from his nightmares, most of them being him tortured by HYDRA.

Without even turning around, you knew he was smiling. He loved the nickname you gave to him. "Yeah, I'm fine now."

After scarfing down the delicious pancakes, you and Bucky laid down on the couch, his metal arm around your waist and the other around your neck, so that you could hold his hand.

"I'm so glad we're doing this, Y/N." Bucky said, kissing your forehead as the movie started.

"Me too, Buckybear. Love you." you replied.

The day consisted of eating food, watching Disney movies, and lots of cuddling and kissing. By the end of the day, you and Bucky crawled back into bed.

"This was perfect, Y/N. We should do it more often." Bucky said, showering you in kisses.

"It was perfect. Now, if you have any nightmares tonight, wake me up, okay?" you asked, looking into his eyes.

He nodded, then pulled you closer. "Goodnight, princess." He said.

"Goodnight, handsome." You replied with a smile.

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